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Depiction of the Yuppie, after losing his patience with Internet Telemarketer.


Prank Call Victim


Seems to be in his early 40's, or even younger.


He talks about how he makes a satisfactory amount of money.

The Yuppie was the victim of a prank call by TheGoldenPhone2 who was using the Jesse the Internet Telemarketer soundboard for late-night harassment of households. The call is relatively mundane, until Yuppie loses his patience after "Internet Telemarketer" calls him repeatedly. At the end of the call, Rick the Mullet Man is used to speak with Yuppie, to provoke more insults.


Initially, the Yuppie was polite with "I.T." and behaved like a reasonable person on the phone. He turned down "her" offers to make money on the internet, stating that he is making sufficient amounts of money, and was able to drive nice cars, as well as go on vacations.[1]

What set him off at about 4 minutes and 13 seconds into the call is "I.T." saying (mockingly) that "she" will call the police. This caused Yuppie to think "she" is unbelievably retarded, and he started yelling into the phone and complaining about "her" calls possibly disturbing his 2-week-old child.[2]

Rick the Mullet Man called the Yuppie back, and opened the conversation by complaining about being called and waken up. The Yuppie asked him about his location, and threatened to put a bullet in him. "Rick" responded "Independence, Missouri" and Yuppie considered him cowardly because Yuppie was in Indiana. He also accused "Rick's" wife of being a whore.[3]


  • "Go-call the fucking police, you're the one calling me. You're the one fucking calling me, you think I'm fucking retarded?! No you're fucking retarded, leave me the fuck alone, you fucking skanky-ass whore! (indistinguishable) I got a fucking two-week-old trying to fucking sleep; LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!..."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Internet Telemarketer calls a Yuppie TheGoldenPhone2 Yuppie Original call.