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Y2Jericho02 is a retired American prank caller who was active on YouTube around 2008. Little is known about this prankster, however, he is credited with the discovery of Charles beginning the A to Z Pawn Incorporated call series, one of the longest in history, which would least three years. He was also a participant in the original calls to Duncan. Y2Jericho was presumably one of the many prank callers whose YouTube channel was closed, either voluntarily or by the website, during the 2008 Duncan Scare. He has never resurfaced. his calls were widely praised during the Duncan-era but unfortunately very few survive today with the majority presumed lost.

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
2008 Duncan calls A to Z Pawn Duncan,
Village Idiot
Duncan, Charles 6:33 Original title: "Duncan Harasses a Pawn Shop & More!" [1]
2008 Duncan calls A to Z Pawn Again Duncan Charles 5:05 [2]
N/A Officer Duncan calls Some Criminals Duncan Stilwell, Oklahoma 4:45 [3]