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Wisconsin Kid
Traditional depiction of the Wisconsin Kid


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


unknown, probably student


unknown, probably late teens





The Wisconsin Kid is a prank call victim who was first called by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite being the Kid's debut call, it was actually the second call to the Wisconsin family, who had previously been called by Broly from Dragon Ball Z. He was quick to believe that Arnold wasn't a police officer, and refused to believe that his name was John Kimble because he's never heard of the last name Kimble before.[1] He was later called again by the Chinaman.[2]

Arnold Call[edit]

Arnold Calls the Wisconsin family late at night and the Kid insists that he has the wrong number. Arnold identifies himself as a police officer saying he wants to talk about Thomas Aquinas. The Wisconsin Kid replies that he doesn't know what that is, and tells Arnold that he doesn't sound anything like an officer and says that he'll get real cops on him if he keeps calling. Arnold calls back and upsets the Wisconsin Kid, who gets his mother on the phone after talking to Arnold for a few minutes.

Chinaman Call[edit]

The Chinaman calls the Wisconsin Kid, who immediately starts throwing racial insults at the Chinaman. These include calling the Chinaman white trash, a nigger and a crazy Colombian, none of which have anything to do with Asians. The Wisconsin kid also fails to properly spell Colombian when Chinaman asks him to spell it. The Kid goes on the tell his mother that the Chinaman is retarded and has mental issues, and stays on the phone for entertainment despite his mother telling him not to waste his time. The Kid later contradicts himself when he tell the Chinaman that he doesn't have time for him.


His traditional depiction is a photo of Tommy Bastow, a British actor.


  • "That's not your real name. I've never heard of a last name named Kimble."
  • "Dude!"
  • "Thomas Employment?"
  • "What are the damn question?"
  • "You ain't no damn police officer!"
  • "Yeah, you expect to believe me!"
  • "No it ain't John Kimble, and you better quit calling here. Hopefully I'm gonna get the damn dis-dist-district police officer sent to your house!"
  • "You ain't gonna call no damn police."
  • "Look who's talking, white trash."
  • "You have mental issues!"
  • "You're retarded dude."
  • "This guy's retarded, mom"
  • "I'm looking for your house and I'm gonna come and punch your face in!"
  • "'You crazy Colombian ass."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2009 Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Wisconsin AntiVenom9808 Wisconsin Kid Original call. The victim's family had been previously called by a Broly soundboard. [1]
2009 Chinaman calls Wisconsin AntiVenom9808 Wisconsin Kid [2]


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