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Wilford Brimley


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Wilford Brimley is a semi-retired American prank caller. His first video, "(Drunk) Fred Herbert Calls Holiday Inn", was uploaded on January 15, 2013. He typically uses Bail Bondsman soundboards and he is most famous for his calls to Caribbean Cruise Lines. He currently holds the record for having the longest prank call ever with a time of 1:26:39.[1] In July 2013, his main channel was removed from YouTube for the harrassing calls to Caribbean Cruise Line.

A soundboard was later made of his actual voice and has so far been used to do calls to Caribbean Cruise Line.

Wilford Brimley LIVE[edit]

Wilford Brimley runs a second channel, named Wilford BrimleyALT. Not as many pranks are uploaded to this channel, but every Friday and Saturday, he has a live YouTube event where he and other pranksters use Skype to stream live prank calls straight to YouTube. He also uploads all CCL calls to this channel due to a legal threat from Greenspoon Marder, which made him take down all CCL calls from his main channel.

Scam Law Firm Saga[edit]

The scam law firm, in reality is the Daniel Slane Law Firm based out of Ohio was the recipient of hundreds of prank calls over the course of several weeks. The employees became extremley frustrated with the prankster and ended up blocking Skype's number. This was not before one of the employees, Jordan "Girly Voice" (in the pranksters opinion) found Wilford Brimley's Skype account and video called him at least twice. The calls ended shortly after that, however, it remains one of the most prank called locations for the amount of time it was called.


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