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Wilford Brimley
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Wilford Brimley


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(1934-09-27) September 27, 1934 (age 84)




Anthony Wilford Brimley is a veteran American-born actor from Salt Lake City, Utah, known for appearing in various television shows and more notably films such as Cocoon and The Firm. A longtime diabetic, his commercials for Liberty Medical and Quaker Oats, along with his resemblance to a walrus, have resulted in him becoming one of the most recognizable and longest-running Internet memes on YouTube and beyond, particularly for his distinct pronunciation of diabetes as Diabeetus (though it is an official pronunciation). What began with music remixes of his Liberty Medical ads in 2006 later were superseded by "YouTube Poops" created from his four and a half-minute 2009 Public Service Announcement, "Wilford Brimley on His Experience with Diabetes," which are often heavily spliced to generate, among other concepts, profanity and homosexual references. His Internet fame has virtually eclipsed his acting career among the current generation. An extension of his Internet celebrity status has been his use in a variety of prank calls, often to very humorous effect.

As a soundboard[edit]

Soundbites from his commercials, films, and the PSA have been incorporated into soundboards, with victims ranging from Duncan[1] to Liberty Medical themselves[2][3]; ironically, the company's employees were oblivious to the identity of their own iconic spokesman[2][3]. The prank callers Wilford Brimley, EnjoiCam, and CaptainSoundboard are among those who have utilized his soundboard for prank calls, such as the ones mentioned above. CaptainSoundboard, for his part, essentially bridged the gap between Brimley's meme status and soundboard fame in a second prank call to Liberty Medical by repeatedly playing the popular short remix, Rock Me Diabeetus, to an unsuspecting employee.[3] As his soundboards lack any real provocation or antagonistic qualities, Wilford Brimley prank calls can ostensibly be viewed as classic prank calls, with no real intent to harass.


  • Good morning, I'm Wilford Brimley, and I'd like to talk to ya for a few minutes about diabeetus.
  • Actually, about diabeetus and how it's affected me in my life."
  • I'll start with when I was first diagnosed: I was scared to death, I was experiencing symptoms that were strange and, uhh... unfamiliar to me.
  • There's something I want you to hear
  • Call Liberty, they can help you live a better life.
  • And, I've slipped up; and I've eaten ice cream and apple pie, and I've done things I shouldn't do.
  • If you're over sixty-five, you're on Medicare, and have diabeetus, you may qualify for a free meter.
  • Check your blood sugar, and check it often.
  • Diabeetus testing supplies
  • Dick Richards.
  • You can call me Henry.
  • Last time I checked.
  • I hope you choose to get involved with a good doctor. Find out some things about diabeetus, and your own body in the bargain.
  • Thanks for your time. Have a good day.

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