Welsh Chief

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Welsh Chief
Welsh Chief.jpg
Traditional depiction of the Welsh Chief


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Unknown, presumably 50-70


British (Welsh)


Cardiff, Wales


Wife (name unknown)


At least one son

The Welsh Chief is a victim discovered by prank caller puremadnessmann. He was first called with the Respected Gentleman. Throughout the calls, the Cardiff native seemed amused with the man from Windermere and kept calling him chief, hence his nickname. He soon figured out that he was a target of pranks when called with his own soundboard. He was also subsequently called with Meat Grinder Mike and managed to remain civil despite his aggressiveness. His wife and son were also called.


  • Well strangely enough, my telephone has just rung and I just picked it up. (Re: Respected Gentleman's My telephone has just rung, and I've picked it up.)
  • I'm in CARDIFF!
  • I'm in CARDIFF which is in south Wales...which is in UK, last time I looked.
  • Sort of malfunction on the line there, chief.
  • Why do you say I've got a foul mouth?
  • Ahhhh, my friend from Windermere!
  • CHIEF!
  • We're hooked up together, chief.
  • When did they tell you you were going to be on Youtube?
  • Did you say you were a microbiologist?
  • Perhaps you ought to have a civil tongue in your mouth, me ol china.
  • We've not said anything to upset you at all, me ol china.
  • Perhaps you should take the plank out of your own eye before looking in mine.
  • ...You're on drugs?
  • You told me you were making drugs and you wanted to swap 'em.
  • The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.
  • And our conversation will go viral... on Youtube.
  • I guess there's a fairly major problem on your line then, chief.
  • Don't have a go at me, pal. It's nothing to do with me.