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Traditional depiction of Walsh
(Little India Grill in background)


Sevash Rana


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Manager of Little India Grill


Unknown, possibly mid 60's


East Indian


Known, but withheld by PranksAreUs83

Walsh or Walsh the Angry Indian (real name: Sevash Rana, see talk) is an East Indian man and the manager of Little India Grill, an Indian fast foot buffet in Artesia, California. He has been prank called on numerous occasions and has become popular for his unintentionally hilarious insults and thick accent. Originally called by PranksAreUs83 on YouTube, he has been called by many soundboards such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Norm Barstool, and the Chinaman.

To date, Walsh and his place of employment have become one of the most often prank called locations, even surpassing the Harlem Barber and his shop.

Prank Call History[edit]

The very first call to him was an unrecorded call by PranksAreUs83 and 3DPrankz back in 2009 before he started posting his calls on YouTube in 2011. Allegedly Walsh was on the phone for about 15 minutes with the caller. Walsh was once again called, and this time recorded by PranksAreUs83 who used the Chinaman and Drunk Guy soundboards, as well as his own voice. Afterwards, a third set of calls were placed, this time with a soundboard on Walsh himself. YouTube users Seeco1000 and AntiVenom9808 have since made calls to him as well. As of 2014, Walsh recognizes Skype, Gmail, and iCall numbers and simply ignores those numbers on his caller ID.

Characteristics of calls to Walsh[edit]

Walsh's reactions to prank calls tend to vary, depending on which soundboard is used. With Richard Simmons and Tiesha, for example, he is a gentleman. In contrast to this, Walsh is very rude to soundboards like the Chinaman, especially when asked "Can you spell the name?" Walsh has also spoken to Deputy Martin, but does not believe he is a real sherrif since he kept asking for identification while he was explaining to him that people were calling the restaurant again and again. On occasion, he has also been known to become quite livid in response to soundboards such as Rick the Mullet Man.

At random times, Walsh will pass the phone to some of the other workers, either another Indian man (named Rajel), or to a Mexican who curses-out the caller in Spanish. Sometimes when they run out of things to say, they will start banging pots into the phone in an unsuccessful attempt to drive the prankster away. A fellow employee has also tried a new method to piss the callers off, by plucking random strings from a guitar into the phone as heard on a call by McLovin.

A new call made by PranksAreUs83 was released on December 19, 2011. PranksAreUs and his friend 3DPrankz teamed up and apparently ordered pizza for Walsh. When he called to make sure that Walsh got the pizza, you can hear the delivery person barely stepping in the restaurant. Walsh was not too happy with this and was very angry with the pranksters.

In a recent chain of calls made by Tenshiiryu, Walsh furiously rebutted callers' remarks and behavior toward his restaurant's female employee, claiming that she's 65 years old and has become emotionally fatigued of all the calls. This may indicate their relationship as husband and wife, and set a tentative age range to Walsh himself. Sevash's full name was subsequently revealed by her later that day.

Little India Grill[edit]

Main article: Little India Grill

Little India Grill (now known as India Grill) is the place of Walsh's employment and a restaurant located in Artesia, which is a gateway city located southeast of Los Angeles. The restaurant has received many negative reviews for the quality of food and service, and has had difficulty passing health inspections. Many reviews complain of food poisoning and rude staff.

Various other locations around Little India Grill have been called with the Walsh soundboard, including a seafood restaurant. However, none of the victims recognized Walsh or his restaurant.

He has many workers in the restaurant. There are some Indians, an Indian lady, and a Mexican Worker

The number for the restaurant went disconnected in June 2014. It was thought that the the restaurant closed its doors for good. PranksAreUs84 attempted to call the restaurant (the first in years, apart from the Tenshi MKII occassional calls), but the number is out of service.

The restaurant actually closed in August 2014 - September 2014 for repairs/maintenance to the entire building. The entire interior was re-done, the "Little" in the name of the restaurant was dropped, the utilities have been replaced, and the restaurant now passes for an A Rating with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. According to the prankster, the food is a lot better now than it was years ago. After speaking to the victim, Walsh told the prankster "Due to all the harassing calls (mainly from 2009-2012), and the lack of use of the actual phone, we just decided to cancel the phone service", therefore, the victim cannot be called again at the restaurant.


On November 8, 2011, a bulletin posted by PranksAreUs83 on Youtube revealed that some then-unknown person, claiming to be Chris the Hacker, had called Walsh and told him about the Soundboard Prank Call Community and certain soundboard websites, like EBaum's World.

PranksAreUs83 Posted:

"Guys I just tried to call Walsh, but he just busted out with some shit about him knowing everything about the community. He says Chris Perron called him and told him about his publicity, and soundboard websites. He Mentioned Ebaumsworld, not Realm Of Darkness. WTF!!!...Btw audacity crashed on me when i recorded him telling me that. Sorry!"

It was unknown at first, when exactly Walsh was tipped-off, or if the tipster was the real Chris the Hacker, or merely someone using a soundboard of him. Soon afterward, however, a YouTube user by the name of xferrari300x revealed himself to be the caller and posted the video of his conversation with one of Little India Grill's employees, in which he impersonated Chris Perron. During this call it was also revealed that Walsh's name is actually Sevash, and that he is the manager of Little India Grill. xferrari300x originally placed a filter over his voice to disguise it with a high-pitched, chipmunk-like effect, but this was later refiltered by ThePhonePirate and a copy of the snitch call was re-posted with xferrari300x's real voice. Upon his discovery of the video with his real voice, xferrari300x appeared to be greatly angered by it, and made an empty threat to report it YouTube. He wrote:


Despite being tipped-off, Walsh continues to engage the caller, and many more prank calls have since been made with soundboards such as Jack Black and Black Jesus. Such an event generally gives prank callers more of an incentive to call the victim.

In a recent comment by PranksAreUs84 on a Walsh Call reupload, he states that he visited the restaurant and the elderly lady and Walsh have completely forgotten about all the stuff that xFerrari300x told them in the snitch call, making his call very irrelevant. Technically, they are victims that do not know about the soundboard community because of this.

Comment By PranksAreUs84 on the YouTube Video: "First off, let me say thank you so much for having these calls saved. Its a shame you dont have parts 6 n 7. I was wondering if you have parts 11-the final part (I dont remember how many.)? I am downloading them all except part 9. Walsh and the lady working there forgot all about what he told them. xFerrari300x failed miserably to alert them as they still have no idea about any of the soundboard community stuff. If you're reading this xFerrari300x, fuck off man. You're pathetic attempt of alerting [them to the existence of] the sb community was so awful."

Confusion over name[edit]

For a long period of time after the original calls to Little India Grill, many people were under the impression that Walsh was the manager's name. However, in a future call, it was revealed that his name was really Sevash. It was later realized that Sevash/Walsh gave an abbreviated version of his name to the caller (Vash), but due to his thick accent, virtually all listeners and prankers thought that he said "Walsh." Due to his popularity before his true name was discovered, he is still referred to as Walsh.


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