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W3baholic is a YouTube user, and was a website, that makes soundboard prank calls. They are responsible for introducing the now-famous prank call characters, Chinaman, Arnold's Escort and the legendary Duncan. He is also a member of Jackulator.com along with fellow YouTube pranksters Metalboss44 and Scr1ptic08.[1]

Controversy has surrounded him and his YouTube channel because he has been accused of stealing/altering other's prank calls and claiming them to be his own, primarily those of Punctum, the owner of celebrityprankcalling.com. However, W3baholic has credited CelebrityPrankCalling in all videos he has uploaded from that website. However, commenters claim that he took, altered, and claimed as his own a video allegedly by "Kimbled". In the alleged original, an Arnold soundboard is used to annoy a victim. However, commenters claim that w3baholic replaced the clips of Arnold with ones from a Heath Ledger Joker soundboard. [2] However, no original is known to exist for the alleged ripoff.

W3baholic has denied these claims of stealing/altering others' videos, stating "I seen a comment saying my Joker prank call was taken fron an Arnold call or whatever. This is obviously BS that seems to have grown arms and legs. If someone can link me to the Arnold call in question I'll be happy to watch it. Of course, it doesn't exist. If you're going to make up some bullshit at least give me something to refute."

It is also alleged that W3b will block commenters from attempting to call him out on this alleged theft, and allegedly will block any general member of the soundboard prank call community for seemingly no reason at all.


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