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Vladimir Kosack
TBHPrankcalls' Depiction of Vladimir Kosack


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Russian mobster, ex-KGB agent







Vladimir Kosack or Kosak (also known The Russian, Angry Russian, Russian Guy, Russian Mobster, Russian Spy and, less frequently, Valadimiri Kosak) is a prank call character voiced by an anonymous prank caller. The circumstances of the original call is unknown, however, a victim soundboard was created by Jib Jab and hosted by Soundboards.com on October 17, 2003. Several lines used by Kosack suggest the prank caller was influenced by Judge Judy ("Not only are you not a nice person ... but you are also a slob.") and Bill Lumburgh ("I'm going to have to, uh, kind of disagree with you there."), both popular soundboards at that time.

The Russian soundboard is one of the oldest in existance, however, it has seen very limited use and remains relatively unknown in the post-"Duncan-era" community. Despite this, it has achieved a small cult following among amateur soundboard prank callers. A soundboard prankster called "Valadimirkosak" was briefly active in 2008. In April of that year, a parody interview was created by VihalyProductions and posted to YouTube.[1]


The picture used for Vladimir Kosack is of the actor, Jean Reno, from the 1994 movie, Léon: The Professional.


  • "Hello. My name is Vladimir."
  • "Do you have my money?"
  • "Hellooo...."
  • "My name is Vladimir ... Vladimir Kosack."
  • "LISTEN to me."
  • "Shut the FUCK up and listen to me."
  • "Why don't you pay attention?"
  • "Do you have my money yet?"
  • "For the marijuana .. and the cocaine I sold you."
  • "You ever get punched in the face for talking too much?"
  • "I will kill you."
  • "I will kill you. And then ... I will kill myself."
  • "I got beat on, I got stripped butt-naked, and you did nothing."
  • "That's not very nice."
  • "Not only are you not a nice person ... but you are also a slob."
  • "Get a life, you know, get a real job."
  • "All I want to hear from your ASS is 'I'm sorry'."
  • "Do you have someway ... to make money?
  • "If you have to ask then you're not ready to know yet.
  • "What did I just say?
  • "You like dogs?"
  • "You like .. cots?"
  • "I HATE cots. They're all fuzzy and shit."
  • "One time, I tie rock to cot. I put cot in lake. It sank to deh bottom."
  • "What did you say?"
  • "I .. can't understand you."
  • "I could, uh, I could make those arrangements."
  • "I can CALL Gibbons right now."
  • "No, that is not right."
  • "Yes, I .. think so."
  • "Really?"
  • "Do you think so?"
  • "Um ... ok."
  • "Well I'm ... just not, uh, sure about that right now."
  • "I'm going to have to, uh, kind of disagree with you there."
  • "I LIKE you."
  • "I always tell the truth ... even when I lie."
  • "What is with the attitude? I sense this."
  • "Who the hell are you?"
  • "I am done talking to you!"
  • "I was only kidding!"
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "How much did THAT cost?"
  • "No! You know what? I've been calling you all god-damed day! Where the hell have you been?!"
  • "Do you want a piece of me? Because I will cut you bitch."
  • "I will drink my vodka. You tell story."
  • "I myself, I uh drink Vodka. It's my favorite drink, you know. It's very, very much better than any kind of uh.. Coca-Cola you can get out there on the street."
  • "You fucker! You .. FUCKING BITCH!"
  • "I work for the KGB. Uh. A little bit of the Russian Mafia. Uh.. that's about what I do."
  • "I say good day to you sir."
  • "Goodbye."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Original Vladimir Kosack call Vladimir Kosack N/A Original call is considered lost.
April 26, 2006 Russian soundboard prank call WarMaggot Male victim [2]
November 4, 2006 Russian Caller Prank Flamesofeternity Male victim [3]
2007 Prank Call to Qalingo Napartuk Edua Jones Male victim [4]
January 26, 2008 Russian Guy vs. Mexican Blobperson Male victim [5]
March 17, 2008 Russian vs. The Hardcore Kid (AKA: Return of the Russian) Blobperson Male victim [6]
May 7, 2008 Valadimir vs. Olof Valadimirkosak Male victim [7]
August 12, 2008 Omar's Russian Prank Call Chikis300 Male victim [8]
December 29, 2008 Funny Russian Prank Call Hudson Hall Male victim [9]
January 29, 2009 PhonePrankster - VLADIMIR vs. ANDREW PhonePrankster Male victim [10]
February 18, 2009 Arnold, Jack Black, Forest Gump, and Russian Spy Call Alcoholics Anonymous Disruction Lord Alcoholics Anonymous [11]
May 18, 2009 Valadimiri Kosak prank calling and the other one calling FBI Skoghall811 Male victim [12]
May 21, 2009 Valadimiri Kosak calling And a lady start to pray to god and jesus Skoghall811 Male victim [13]
July 19, 2009 Russian Mobster Prank Call Bengaz07 Male victim [14]
August 9, 2009 Duncan + Russian Guy prank calls TBHPrankcalls Female victim [15]
January 29, 2010 Prank calling 7-11 with the russian soundboard Pats200 Male victim [16]
August 9, 2010 Prank Call #2 on Danny JRodsVids Male victim [17]
April 14, 2011 Vladimir Kosak meets Syed Deividas J Male victim [18]
January 23, 2012 Fun with Telemarketers, Episode 001: "John From the Alarm Company talks with Valadimir Kosak" David Eckoff Male victim [19]
March 14, 2013 Colby P. Prank Call Trevor Martin Female victim [20]


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