Vision Financial

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Vision Financial
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Corporate logo


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Ken Hardt, David the Floor Manager, Stephanie

Corporate Address

11960 Westline Industrial
Dr., Suite #330
Maryland Heights, Missouri

Offices in

Rockford, Illinois
West Harrison, New York

Additional Info

Maryland Heights location located inside the 12000 Building

Vision Financial Corp. is a debt collection agency based out of the Maryland Heights suburb of St. Louis, Missouri which was originally discovered by Wilford Brimley and Deathskull99. The agency has been the recipient of possibly hundreds of prank calls over the course of several months. Many of the collection agents seem to be aware that they are, in fact, talking to recordings, as opposed to actual people.

Later calls were made to the agency by prankster Billybob James, in which some of the employees became very annoyed because the prankster had called 20 times in less than an hour.

Notable Employees[edit]

  • Ken Hardt
  • David the Floor Manager
  • Stephanie
  • Rose Johnson
  • Keisha Porter
  • Pamela McGee
  • Veronica Maldonado
  • Dana Johnson

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