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Village Idiot
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John the Village Idiot is a worker for a helpline. He was called up first using soundboards of Frank Garrett. He gave several joking lines, during the first call he mainly goes “Oh tough guy, ya can call up any time ya want and talk like that”.

During the second time, it is apparent that John asked his co-worker who was called, if he could talk with Frank. During this time he asks whether or not he would like to go out drinking with them that Friday night. He later goes on about how Frank is doing in his retirement home and whether or not the nurse is changing his bedpan, and if he took his medicine today (“Did ya take your Prozac?).[1]

The last call made to him was done using a soundboard of the Springfield Pervert in which after he picks up the phone and says “Hello, this is John!” the Pervert just goes “Worship my cock!”. His co-worker also answered the phone again with the Springfield Pervert soundboard on the other end of the line and performed a rap to the caller revolving around the words "Fucked up".


  • "FRANK! How's it going?'
  • "Ohhh..he just called me a stupid cocksucker."
  • "I thought we were better friends than this."
  • "He sucks nigger dick."
  • "You say you suck a big black cock?"
  • "Did you forget to take your medicine today?"
  • "Did you take your Prozac?"
  • "We'll buy you some cocktails."
  • Hey tough guy, don't you have something better to do than call up and harass- harass women?

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2008 Duncan calls the Village Idiot XxVideoPersonxX Village Idiot Original call.
N/A Duncan calls the Village Idiots XxVideoPersonxX Village Idiot [1]
N/A Springfield Pervert calls the Village Idiot XxVideoPersonxX Village Idiot [2]
September 21, 2008 Village Idiot annoys strangers CrazyPrankCaller Various [3]
February 3, 2009 Hello?! 666j1 Various [4]
N/A Redneck Bitch, D&A Lady, Con Mex, And Village Idiot Bother Some Companies Brian79camino Various [5]
N/A Calling the Epic Crazy Lady's Husband - Original Prank call Crank Calling You Epic Crazy Lady's Husband [6]
N/A Village Idiot calls Epic Crazy Lady's Husband Epic Crazy Lady's Husband [7]
May 7, 2010 Village Idiot Wants Some Cocktails, Sal Bothers A Guy Brian79camino Female victim [8]
October 25, 2010 Redneck Family Show EP08 - GOOP Fucken Loves Frank And His Friends AfghaNPranksteR Crazy Redneck Family Lost call [9]
November 29, 2010 Redneck Family Show EP 10 - More Calls To Judy & Casey AfghaNPranksteR Crazy Redneck Family Lost call [10]
December 11, 2010 Friday Night 2a.m New York Prank Assault 1 feat - RANDOM AHOLE, VIDIOT AfghaNPranksteR Various Lost call [11]
January 30, 2011 Hyper Family Show E06 - Things Not Going 2 Good For The Family AfghaNPranksteR Hyper Family Lost call [12]
February 2, 2011 Duncan And His Friend The Village Idiot Call The Angry Oklahoma Man AGAIN! AfghaNPranksteR Angry Oklahoma Man Lost call [13]
November 4, 2011 Prank Montage 1 - feat ABG, JackAss Plumber etc AfghaNPranksteR Lost call [14]
April 26, 2012 PissedOff Rednecks vs Strangers + VI & DMF Phone Issues AfghaNPranksteR Lost call [15]
December 12, 2012 Prank Mix 3 Phuckaducker Female victim [16]



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