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The goal of the community is to anonymously call unsuspecting victims who actually believe that the voice yelling and cussing at them on the other end is an actual person and unwittingly engage in a one-sided conversation with a computer, however, inevitably, through one means or another, a handful of victims have not only caught on to the fact that they were being prank called, but actually discovered our organized group. As would be expected, this is far more common among long-running victims who have had exposure to numerous different callers as opposed to one-off victims and victims whose number has been retained by just one caller.

Although the vast majority of victims, especially those only called on one or two occasions, simply believe that some lunatic dialed a wrong number and go about their merry way unaware of what is actually happening on the other end (in this case, ignorance truly is bliss), some of the more prolific victims have not only figured out what is going on, but several even have in-depth knowledge of the community as a whole. By far the most common way of victims discovering the community have been snitches - members of the community who turned rogue and tipped off victims, however, several also figured it out when they recognized their own voice on a soundboard. Some less common ways have been police reports and being tipped off by another victim, and some have even found out purely by accident. This article attempts to chronicle the most prolific victims who have some degree of knowledge about the community, as well as the depth of their knowledge and circumstances surrounding their discovery.

Below are a few notable examples of individual victims' knowledge of the community, although this is certainly not a comprehensive list.

Those in the Know[edit]

  • Bail Bondsman - It is not known exactly how or when Fred figured out about the community, however it is suspected that he was either tipped off by an informant or discovered it for himself after recognizing his own voice. Regardless, once he began to display amusement toward the calls rather than annoyance, they slowed down tremendously, indicating that he realized that the caller's goal was to get him to rage.
  • Brenda, Jake and John - After being repeatedly called with a Chris the Hacker soundboard, John recognized DatBoys Data Recovery as the name of a local business. In an event captured on tape purely by accident, John went down to the shop to blame Chris for the calls, however, in a rare circumstance, Chris was actually able to convince John of what was really happening (most people to whom Chris attempts to explain the community pass him off as crazy). It is suspected that at this point John did some snooping of his own and discovered that his boss, Brenda, and her toddler son, Jake, had also been called and made into soundboards.
  • California Crook - Sometime during February 2018, California Crook began making references to "California Crook videos on the YouTube". It is rumored that several YouTube users had received e-mails on his behalf requesting that their videos be taken down or legal action would be taken. However, outside of his knowledge that his calls appear on YouTube, he seems to have very little awareness of the community itself.
  • Charles - A resident of Stilwell, Oklahoma, Charles became aware of the community after his soundboard was repeatedly used to call a certain other Stilwell resident to the point where he became convinced that it was actually Charles Duncan making the calls.
  • Chris the Hacker - By far the most extensive and infamous case of a victim being aware of the prank calling community is Chris the Hacker. Chris' insight into our community goes well beyond the typical knowledge that most victims have. After quickly discovering that he was the butt of an ongoing joke, he spent the better part of three years dedicating himself to investigating and attempting to put a stop to the community, following pranksters on Youtube and other websites, attempting to communicate with them on message boards, engaging in personal conversations with them over the phone, an anomaly among virtually all other prank call victims, and, on a few very rare occasions, even teaming up with some pranksters for a few prank calls (a tactic which he later claimed was a desperate attempt to gain the pranksters' trust, although knowing Chris the validity of this statement is questionable). As a result, Chris has obtained a plethora of information about the community that transcends all other victims and even some of the outer-circle pranksters themselves, including personal information on many pranksters and even other victims. He has been known to contact the parents of some of the younger callers to report their activities, a tactic which was heavily frowned upon by the community, and it is possible, although unconfirmed, that he has even personally met some callers. It is known that he has communicated with several other victims and confirmed that he has personally met at least one. Although the Chris saga effectively ended in 2012, the events and controversy that surrounded it have prompted prank callers to take precautionary measures to ensure that an awareness of this magnitude does not happen with any other victim.Although it is not entirely clear at what point Chris first became aware of the community due to his tendency to bullshit people into thinking he knows more than he actually does, one thing is for sure - as far as we know, he has far and away the deepest knowledge of the community of any victim. Chris not only knows several community members by name, but has possibly even met some in person. Additionally, he has attempted to post on our forums and may even know about this Wiki. His attempts at thwarting us have included attempting to get local and national news and law enforcement involved, tipping off other victims, and even spending hours at a time on the phone with us in an attempt to get us to accidentally reveal information he could use against us. Needless to say, none of it has worked, and, since going out of business in 2012, Chris has been out of the picture for quite sometime now. However, he made an edit to his own article in 2018.
  • Dr. Frank Garrett - The first time Dr. Frank was ever called, the Alaskan dentist displayed a surprisingly in depth and mostly accurate knowledge of the community when accused by the Jesus Lady of calling her business. Given that he shares his name with the most famous prank call victim of all time, the most likely explanations are that another victim had called him thinking that he was the vulgar redneck who had been annoying them, had been called by other victims of the Duncan soundboard thinking it was him who had called, or, more likely, that he or an acquaintance had done a quick Google search for his name and been subjected to the hundreds of results regarding our beloved construction worker.
  • Duncan - While the actual extent of Frank Garrett's knowledge of the community remains hazy (and, since his death, will likely remain so), it is at least clear that he was well aware that the vulgar and nonsensical calls made to him were prank calls and even showed some understanding of the existance of soundboards. There are some inconsistencies in the evidence, however. For example, sometimes he seemed to be well aware that the calls were coming to him from dozens if not hundreds of people daily, and other times he indicated that he believed that it was just one person or a very small group of people with one ringleader (usually Charles). Furthermore, his responses to soundboards seemed inconsistent, sometimes indicating that he believed he was talking to an actual person, and other times seemingly aware that he was conversing with a soundboard (given the change in tone for conversations with actual people, such as those with Nismo, however, it is possible that instances of the former were simply him playing along with the prank callers). Additionally, based on his responses to his own soundboard, it is unclear whether or not he recognized his own voice (although he definitely recognized his own quips, occasionally pointing out, "That's my line!"). Even other times be believed that the soundboards he was talking to were actually real people, though this may have been him playing along towards the end. The only thing that is certain is that he was very well aware that his name was used in the Nightmare on Burton Street incident.
  • Harlem Barber - Like Jackass Plumber, it is not entirely clear how the Barber came to be aware of the community. After being called for months, out of the blue, the Barber finally responded to a call one day with, "Harlem Barber's! Is this the Gay Florist?" indicating that he had figured us out. Since he has rarely been called since (and when he is he usually hangs up almost immediately), his exact depth or method of discovery is unknown. It is possible, however, that no informant was involved. Since a quick Google search for "Harlem barber(s)" will flood your results screen with YouTube videos, and this would not be an unreasonable thing to search for in that area, it's entirely possible that he was tipped off by a regular or potential customer, friend or family member, employee, or possibly even accidentally stumbled upon it on his own.
  • Jackass Plumber - While it is unclear how he came to find out about the community, his awareness was brought to our attention when he angrily declared that he had found the calls to him on Youtube. Since he went from very little to very much knowledge in a short period of time, it's suspected that he was tipped off by an unknown informant. Since then he has become well acquainted with us, and has on several occasions pulled up his own soundboard and used it to talk to us.
  • Karen the Librarian - Another Stilwell resident, Karen discovered us on YouTube after calling the police following a bombardment of calls using the Duncan soundboard and recognizing Frank as a local. It is likely that this was Frank's own first exposé into the community as well, though this is unconfirmed.
  • Redneck Roofer - He has stated several times that he has seen the Frank Garrett calls on YouTube, but seems to be under the impression that Frank is actually the one making the calls.
  • Satanic Racist - Has threatened the callers, referencing certain users on various occasions, and apparently has known about his depiction online for possibly years now. A YouTube account by the name of "Tom Jones" has repeatedly sought information and threatened prank callers-it is assumed that this account belongs to the real Satanic Racist. The account had given an e-mail address, which only thoroughly outed the real identity of the Satanic Racist as Thomas H. Stanphill III. He has shown he is just as unintelligent as in the calls, as he is easily fooled into believing fortunecookiesucks (who never has called him to begin with) is a California sex offender named Darren McQuisten.
  • Strip Club Bitch - This easily-irritated strip club receptionist first became aware of what was going on when called with her own soundboard. Immediately recognizing her own voice and lines, she freaked out and actually displayed some genuine concern that her voice was out there and being used to make prank calls. Months later, when called by a Peter Griffin soundboard, she asked, "Are you going to put this up on YouTube again?" (to which Peter replied, "Yep!"). It is suspected that she was tipped off by an informant, as her calls were well-hidden enough that she would likely not have found them without knowing exactly what to search for.
  • Walsh the Angry Indian - Walsh was made aware of the prank calling community in an infamous call by a member of the community pretending to be, incidentally, Chris the Hacker. Initially this caller was ostracized by the community as a snitch, but once it was discovered that the prank calls had been affecting Walsh's business and, more importantly, his health, he was apologized to and the calls to Walsh were suspended for more than two years, and when they did resume, they were in extreme moderation. It appears that Walsh has forgotten about the community and has returned to responding to calls the same way he initially did.

Those Suspected to Know[edit]

  • Rick The Mullet Man - Although being one of the most prolific prank victims of all time, his lack of response following the initial calls to him could indicate his awareness.
  • CCL Larry - It is likely Larry had incite into the prank call community due to his job with Caribbean Cruise Line, however, later calls to his actual residence may indicate that he has some awareness of the fact his voice had been recorded and later used on his wife Rae.
  • Gay Florist - In one of the final calls to the late Donald Rose on January 22, 2013, about one month prior to his death, when confronted with his own voice, the Florist intimated that he was aware of soundboard use and may also have been aware of the Prank Calling Community, saying "If you'd get off your recorder, that you have for tormentin' the hell out of people all over the United States, then we might see who's who."
    Furthermore, in late December 2013, about five days before Christmas, some unknown person, apparently a close personal acquaintance of the actual Gay Florist---most likely either an employee of Foley's Florist & Gifts or a friend or family member---discovered the Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki and the articles about the late Mr. Rose and his business. After an unsuccessful attempt at blanking the offending pages (which was quickly reverted by other users), they took it upon themselves to instead, amend certain passages of the article about Foley's with some rather amusing, if snarky, commentary and insight. For example, after the passage about Indy The Great's call confirming the Gay Florist's death, he/she wrote: "That's interesting because we remember this call. We felt that there was remorse from this gentleman. Ah, we yet again were pranked. No remorse from pranksters." 
    And after the part about Xaozzz being the first to prank call the Gay Florist: "Being the first to prank call someone is something that would make a parent especially proud." 
    All of this seems to indicate that if the employees at Foley's weren't aware of the Prank Calling Community before, they probably are now.


The concept of victims being aware of the organized community has been met with mixed reception among the community itself. Some members believe that it has incited a hilarious new level of aggravation for victims like Chris and Frank that would not have been possible without their own awareness. Others believe that it has made some victims stale, creating either boring calls, or "meta calls," so to say, in which the victims knowingly feed them rehearsed lines for soundboard use, which are typically less funny than unwitting, spur-of-the-moment quotes. Others still believe that it may actually someday put the community, or at least individual members of it, in jeopardy, should one victim go to extreme lengths of retaliation, a la Chris the Hacker.