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About me[edit]

The name's Alan. I actually own a collection of vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks from the very early days, from even before the Drunk Guy was called, and also some pranks that transpired a bit later. I watch plenty on YouTube when I have the time, and I've even located the original source pictures of several victims, and remastered other pranks.

I chose the name The Wikipedian, because I do make edits to Wikipedia on some kind of regular basis, specializing in a variety of fields, and I bring much of that expertise to here. I use it for Wikia as a general name that enables me to edit across a broad spectrum of Wikis without leaving questions regarding the name.

As I've become promoted to Bureaucrat status on this wiki (ironic, given my user name and disdain for bureaucracy), I'm now essentially in charge of operations, so feel free to post any concerns or questions you might have on my talk page, and I'll be quite happy to assist you. Also, don't be scared to make an actual account, since an actual username will afford you more abilities to contribute with. Feel free to swing by my YouTube account, too.

Yew have a good day.

My favorite pages[edit]

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