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Hello there, and welcome to the Soundboard.Wiki -- Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki website! I'm "SoundboardWikiAdmin", the owner and administrator of this website. I established this website in order to migrate the Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki from the old website that is being discontinued, in order to preserve and continue the Wiki. I had been a fan of the Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki for many years, and I couldn't stand to see this important and beloved encyclopaedic / journalistic resource die and be lost to oblivion; thus, I took the initiative upon myself to establish this new website and to migrate the Wiki here from what Wikia made available for migration after their decision to terminate the site. For the full story about this, as well as for external links to online discussion forums where I have posted and communicated regarding establishing this Soundboard.Wiki website and migrating the Wiki, please see the following article: "2018 Death and Resurrection of the Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki".

I welcome you to create an account in order to join our user / editor base and to make good-faith contributions to this Wiki, whether you are someone who had an account on the old website and would like to migrate and re-establish your account over here, or whether you are a brand-new user who would like to get started contributing to this great encyclopaedia.

I am really looking forward to establishing and re-establishing the Wiki user / editor base on this site, and getting traction on having a cohesive and active Wiki community here.

I hope that you enjoy browsing and/or contributing to this Wiki, and that you find the information that it contains to be cogent and useful.

Please drop me a line if you have any feedback or questions with which I might be able to assist!


SoundboardWikiAdmin (talk) 15:27, 31 October 2018 (UTC)