Upland, California

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Upland, California
Upland City Hall and Library


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Bail Bondsman, Mystery Man, Angie, Mike Herbert, John


San Bernardino County, California


73,732 (2010 census)

Additional Info

Very well known in worldwide skateboarding culture as the "Badlands" because of Upland's geographical location and because it was the birthplace of Vertical Pool and Pipe Skateboarding.

Upland is a city in San Bernandino County, California. It was the primary location where Fred Herbert owned and operated Herbert Bail Bonds and as such it has become a popular target for pranksters. Since his rediscovery in 2012, Upland residents and businesses have been pranked by the Bail Bondsman soundboard, similar to how Stilwell, Oklahoma was pranked during the height of the Duncan-era.

Puremadnessman made a series of prank calls to Upland residents which caught the attention of Fred Herbert (or someone claiming to be him) on YouTube. It has become evident through several calls that the Upland police department is to a certain extent aware of the prank calling community and Fred's soundboard being used to prank businesses around the town.[1]


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