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This timeline of soundboard prank calling, is a chronologically ordered list of significant events associated with the period of soundboard-based prank calls and the soundboard community. The period after 2007 is sometimes referred to as the Duncan-era, referencing the popular use of victim soundboards which ensued immediately after the discovery of Frank "Duncan" Garrett.

Early Years[edit]

Year Date Event
1956 Dickie Goodman, with partner Bill Buchanan, is the originator of the "break in" record. Their first effort The Flying Saucer, becomes a pop smash. The formula - which Goodman and numerous imitators use repeatedly over the next 25 years - is simple: an news interviewer asks questions with the responses coming from short sound bytes excerpted from popular songs of the day.
1963 George Atkins refines Goodman's technique by using careful selection and editing of soundbytes from Presidential speeches to create the effect of comedic "singing" over lush musical orchestration on the LP Sing Along With JFK. Three years later, Atkins further refines the technique on Washington Is For The Birds, which chops up speeches from Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson and Richard Nixon for comedic effect.
1968 New Jersey radio host Jim Gearheart records Put Him On, Please one of the first LPs of prank calls. Among the calls, in what may be the first prank call a random payphone, claims to be Clark Kent and has left some clothes in the phone booth.
1976 The famous Tube Bar Calls to Red and "Hello, John?" calls to Long John Nebel are recorded. These are among the earliest series of recorded calls to repeatedly target the same victim. While primarily traditional style phone pranks, they also feature the earliest uses of pre-recorded sounds to antagonize their target.
1980 San Francisco-area experimental music group Negativland releases their debut LP. Their sound features manipulation of soundbytes and audio clips, often in a humorous context, and trolling of the news and music media.
1985 Bob Lassiter, a former radio DJ, begins hosting his highly combative talk show on Tampa radio. His show is the first to specifically court prank callers if only to insult them. A recurring gag is callers who flush toilets on the air.
1993 Apr The Jerky Boys release their first album, simply titled Jerky Boys. The album is later certified double platinum by the RIAA.
1994 Jul The Jerky Boys release their second album Jerky Boys 2. On that album, the Terrorist Pizza Guy is discovered on "Terrorist Pizza". Like their first album, Jerky Boys 2 is certified platinum.
1994 Hasaad Market calls
1995 Kerpal (along with his neighbor Abtar and his unknown-named daughter) is discovered. Although the person who originally discovered Kerpal or whether he actually exists remains unknown, his "You Kicked My Dog" prank call has been incorrectly attributed to The Jerky Boys and Tom Green.[1]
1996 Adobe Flash is released. By the late-1990s, the first soundboards are created using this software.
1996 Aug 20 The Jerky Boys release their third album Jerky Boys 3.
1997 Oct 7 The Jerky Boys release their fourth album Jerky Boys 4.
1999 May 18 The Jerky Boys release their fifth album Stop Staring at Me!.

Celebrity Prank Calling[edit]

Initial interest in soundboard prank calling came through the internet, with prank callers and fans alike exchanging soundboards and recordings of prank calls. The early years were largely a period of "celebrity prank calling", such that by 2006 the popularity of Arnold Schwarzenegger spawned other celebrity soundboards, among the most popular being: Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jack Black. Since 2008, Realm of Darkness has hosted an annual celebration of Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday, known as Arnold Fest, which is celebrated by making new Arnold prank calls.

Year Date Event
2000 The Drunk Guy is discovered. Though the circumstances of the call are unknown, it is believed that an employee at a radio station used a soundboard of Arnold Schwarzenegger to talk to an intoxicated caller who had been repeatedly calling the DJs. This is the earliest-known use of a soundboard for prank calling.
2001 The Angry Black Guy is discovered. He was originally a victim of a Joe Pesci prank call and, after its release on the internet, became one of the first victims to receive their own soundboard.
2001 Limo Guy is discovered. He was a victim of a prank call by Al Pacino, which, like Joe Pesci calls a Black Guy, becomes one of the most popular prank calls of all time. The Limo Guy will not be called again until 12 years later.
2001 EBaum's World is founded. Some of the first-ever soundboard calls appear on the entertainment website and over time, along with Jackulator 9000 and Realm of Darkness, becomes a large resource for celebrity soundboards. These websites attract many internet prank callers and fans, where they exchange soundboards and recordings of prank calls they have made, eventually forming what is referred to as the "soundboard prank calling community".
2001 Apr 10 The Jerky Boys release their sixth album The Jerky Tapes.
2003 Cracky McClure is discovered. She was originally called by the "Jeff and Jer" radio show and subsequently became a regular segment with the DJs calling her truck stop every Tuesday for several months.[2]
2005 Feb 14 YouTube is founded. The video-sharing website becomes a popular tool for uploading soundboard prank calls making them available to a general audience for the first time.
2006 Nov 25 Junkyard Hick is discovered.[3] He is featured in the Realm of Darkness call "Al Pacino calls a Junkyard Hick", one of the website's first released prank calls, and is the oldest verified soundboard prank call victim.
2007 Arno & The Morning Crew, a long-running German radio show, begins airing a regular prank call segment using German-dubbed versions of celebrity soundboards, thus becoming one of the first non-English language soundboard pranks.



Year Date Event
2007 Gangsta Girl is discovered.
2007 Jan 30 Bait Shop Guy is discovered by Punctum
2007 Mar 20 The Jerky Boys release their seventh album Sol's Rusty Trombone. This is their first album in six years, their first without Kamal and contains mostly voicemail messages and ringtones, with six prank calls mixed in.
2007 Jun Thug Wannabe is discovered. [4]
2007 Jul 9 Irish Girl is discovered by PhantomPhoner.[5]
2007 Jul 13 DeNiro Redneck is discovered by Metalboss44. [6]
2007 Aug 23 Irish Redneck is discovered by PhantomPhoner.[7]
2007 Aug 24 Stubborn Irishman is discovered by PhantomPhoner.[8]
2007 Summer Frank "Duncan" Garrett is discovered by w3baholicX and xaozzz; Subsequent calls also reveal several of Duncan's employees.
2007 Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer is discovered by Xaozzz
2007 Fall Pig Sex Guy is discovered in a Yahoo chat room by Soundboardking. Weeks later, he uses the victim's soundboard on an adult entertainment hotline where Springfield Pervert is found.
2007 Dec White Thug Girl and White Thug Girl's Grandmother are discovered by w3baholic.[9]


Year Date Event
2008 Feb 19 Blockbuster Bitch is discovered by Gabe B.
2008 Charles is discovered by Y2Jericho
2008 Colleen is discovered by Pranksandthat[10]
2008 Colossal Racist Bitch and her husband are discovered by Itzmurda81
2008 Epic Crazy Lady and her husband are discovered by CrankCallingYew
2008 Donna Pope's Neighbor is discovered by Flazz684.
2008 Duncan's Rampage; Redneck Bitch and Toilet Lady are discovered by Xaozzz.
2008 Drug & Alcohol Lady is discovered by Xaozzz.
2008 Gay Florist is discovered by Xaozzz.
2008 Hotel Jackass is discovered by PrankensteinX
2008 Harlem Homeboy is discovered by Love2Prank.[11]
2008 Jesus Lady is discovered.
2008 Justin the Marine is discovered.
2008 Mark the Wanker is discovered by XxVideoPersonxX.
2008 Mar 13 Racist Barmaid is discovered by Gabe B.
2008 Redneck Roofer is discovered by CrankCallingYew.
2008 Tiesha is discovered by DewFuzz.
2009 Village Idiot is discovered by xXVideoPersonXx.
2008 Jan Chinaman is discovered by w3baholicX.
2008 Jan Arnold's Escort is discovered by w3baholicX.[9]
2008 Chris the Hotel Spaz is discovered by Zarkrell.
2008 Jan 29 Angry Black Gangsta is discovered by Sparisi1122.[12]
2008 May 4 Jackass Plumber is discovered by PhoneGuruX. He had previously been called by SoCalCoaster, however, this call was never uploaded and subsequently lost in the 2008 Duncan Scare.
2008 May 20 Racist Redneck is discovered by Dizeestl.
2008 May 29 High Redneck is discovered by Dizeestl. The victim was inadvertently found during a call to the Racist Redneck when his son answered the phone instead.
2008 Jun 4 Student is discovered by Dizeestl.
2008 Jul 25 Final call is made to High Redneck.
2008 Jul 25 Final call is made to Racist Redneck.
2008 Philly Thug is discovered by Pinaphillyz420.
2008 Casino Man is discovered by Ninja Rygar.
2008 Depressed Guy is discovered by Lincolnlog.
2008 Karen the Librarian is discovered by SoCalCoaster and Xaozzz.
2008 2008 Duncan Scare
2008 Duncan's 2 AM Calls; Confused Old Lady is discovered.
2008 Jul 30 Arnold Fest 2008
2008 Aug 1 Duncan Fest 2008
2008 Aug 4 Irate Black Man is discovered by Americanlackey.
2008 Aug 22 Gun Shop employees are discovered by Sparisi1122.
2008 Aug 31 Wife Beater is discovered by Scr1ptic08.
2008 Sep 10 Deceitful Georgia Bitch is discovered by Trendyrapslut.[13]
2008 Sep 29 Final call is made to The Student.
2008 Oct 11 Mike the Looney Metal Worker is discovered by Trendyrapslut.[14]
2008 Oct 31 Arkatov is discovered by Prankcalls420.[15]
2008 Nov Life Coach is discovered by Soundboardking. [16]
2008 Nov 11 Final call is made to Arkatov.[17]
2008 Nov 28 Angry Pregnant Lady is discovered in a Walmart prank by the Phone Losers of America. A soundboard was eventually created, with the help of Nomadcowatbk and IsThisARecording, and released by Realm of Darkness over two years later.
2008 Dec 2 Psychic Witch is discovered by DewFuzz.[18]
2008 Dec 15 Sleepy Guy is discovered by Thisisdirtwerk.[19]
2008 Satanic Racist is discovered by Soundboardking and Metalboss44.
2008 Pig Sex Guy is rediscovered in another Yahoo chat room and lured into a conversation with Springfield Pervert.


Year Date Event
2009 Jan Chris the Hacker is discovered by PrankVideoCompiler and Xaozzz.
2009 Jan 20 Hours before the first inauguration of Barack Obama, South African radio host Darren "Whackhead" Simpson calls ANC Youth League President Julius Malema with a soundboard of the new U.S. President.[20]
2009 Jan 25 Irrated South African is discovered by Rosstroxyz.[21]
2009 AA Guy is discovered by The Drunk German.
2009 Alabama Redneck is discovered by Pina Philly.
2009 Angry Asian Woman is discovered.[22]
2009 Crazy Chinese Guy is discovered.[23]
2009 Crazy Sick Old Man is discovered by Chuko.
2009 Deputy Martin is discovered by UltimatePrankCalls.
2009 Douchebag Accountant is discovered by SBCallingYew
2009 Mack Magilligutty is discovered by Firstcomingg.
2009 Pissed-Off Waitress is discovered by Gabe B.
2009 Random Asshole is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2.
2009 Rude Woman is discovered by Pranksforever2k9.
2009 The Smoker is discovered by TheGoldenPhone.
2009 Six months after the original call, Casino Man is called.
2009 Burger King Harassment Prank Calls; Lally is discovered.
2009 Apr Harlem Barber is discovered by Doubleogordo44. Harlem Barber's Wife and several employees make appearances in follow-up calls.
2009 May 20 Angry Homo Escort is discovered by Cobra4073 and PrankVideoCompiler
2009 Jun Walsh is discovered by PranksAreUs83 and 3DPrankz during their final day in Middle School while using cell phones and a Yellow Pages to Prank Call (Roughly 2 Years before Joining the community).
2009 Jun 3 Bail Bondsman is discovered by Heavyshell3k. Initially a one-time call, his number was rediscovered two years later.
2009 Jun 3 Tough Redneck is discovered by Heavyshell3k.[24]
2009 Jun 16 John In Ireland is discovered by Bohsman1987.[25]
2009 Jun 19 Duncan's Mother's Friend is discovered by Cobra4073.[26]
2009 Jun 20 Peggy is discovered by SuperVideoCompiler.[27]
2009 Jul 30 Arnold Fest 2009
2009 Aug The "Drunk Girls trio" (Ashley, Lauren the Drunk STD Girl, and Drunk Girl 3) are discovered by Nomadcowatbk.
2009 Aug 1 Duncan Fest 2009
2009 Aug 2 Indiana Hick is discovered by Killjoy812.[28]
2009 Aug 8 McThug is discovered by Boldsign.
2009 Aug 19 Towing Guy is discovered by Enjoicam.[29]
2009 Wisconsin Kid is discovered by AntiVenom9808.
2009 Strip Club Bitch is discovered by AntiVenom9808.
2009 Fall Canadian Teens are discovered by TheGoldenPhone.
2009 Fall BlogTalkRadio invasion
2009 Sep 1 Satanic British Lawyer is discovered by MistahBlonde.[30]
2009 Oct Final call is made to Wisconsin Kid.
2009 Oct Bob Chandler, the father of "Chris-chan", is called by SolidSnakeProductions and TheGoldenPhone
2009 Nov Rick the Mullet Man is discovered by TheGoldenPhone and Mr88Nismo.
2009 Dec Scared College Girl is discovered by Nomadcowatbk.
2009 Dec 31 Chris & Jane are discovered by Infinite.


Year Date Event
2010 AA Asshole is discovered by SBCallingYew and PrankVideoCompiler.
2010 Alabama Smartass is discovered by TotalRedial.
2010 Alabama Yokel is discovered by TotalRedial and Mr88Nismo.
2010 Angry Old Lady is discovered.[31]
2010 Bible Man (Duncan victim) is discovered by TheGoldenPhone.
2010 Creepy Cookie Guy is discovered by SBCallingYew.
2010 Hot Rod Jason is discovered by 8DuncanConstruction8.[32]
2010 Jake is discovered by TheGoldenPhone.
2010 NYC Towing Guy is discovered by Yourafark.
2010 Raging Dispatcher is discovered by TehPrankCaller and SBCallingYew.
2010 Rick the Prick is discovered by TehPrankCaller and SBCallingYew.
2010 Treatment Center Guy is discovered by SBCallingYew.
2010 Yankee Tough Guy is discovered by TotalRedial.
2010 Jan 16 Final call is made to Mike the Looney Metal Worker.[33]
2010 Spring Mad Mopar Man is discovered by TotalRedial.
2010 Spring Final call is made to the Canadian Teens.
2010 Spring Final call is made to Towing Guy.
2010 Feb 14 Chatter Woman is discovered by AfghaNPranksteR.
2010 Feb 16 Final call is made to Irate Black Man.
2010 Feb 23 A Nightmare on Burton Street; Michael Shockley and Sergeant Fields are discovered.[34]
2010 Feb 24 Angry Bastard is discovered by UltimatePrankCalls.
2010 Feb 28 The Leitrim Couple sre discovered by Bohsman1987.[35]
2010 Mar Creepy Security Guard is discovered by OhFugYew.
2010 Mar 5 Aussie Guy is discovered by Prankcalls420.[36][37]
2010 Mar 23 Todd is discovered by Kidkid911.
2010 Mar 31 Arkansas Hillbilly is discovered by Prankcallcollection.
2010 Apr Best Western Bitch is discovered by OhFugYew; Recording Guy (and Girl) are discovered in the same call.
2010 Apr 8 Old Religious Woman is discovered by AntiVenom9808.[38]
2010 Apr 16 Angry Chinese Man is discovered by Spliffy.[39]
2010 Apr 22 Pissed-Off Mother is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2.
2010 Apr 26 Screaming Lawyer is discovered by SBCallingYew.
2010 Apr 27 Bible Man (Alabama) is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2.
2010 May The Yellers are discovered by TheGoldenPhone2.
2010 May 15 Dan the Motel Owner is first discovered by OhFugYew.
2010 May 25 Irate Spanish Man is discovered by ThePrankCallDictator.
2010 May 27 Burger King Pimp is discovered by Firstcomingg.[40]
2010 Jul Sewer Service Man is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2.
2010 Jul 4 Pissed-Off Racist is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2.
2010 Jul 24 Gay Australian is discovered by Prankcalls420.[41]
2010 Jul 30 Arnold Fest 2010
2010 Aug Homer and Billye Scott are discovered by TheGoldenPhone and MistahBlonde2.
2010 Aug 1 Duncan Fest 2010
2010 Aug 18 Idiot Trucker is discovered by TheGoldenPhone.
2010 Aug 29 DickBag is discovered by 8DuncanConstruction8.[42]
2010 Sep 3 Security Guard is discovered. He is featured in the Realm of Darkness call "Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Security Company".[43]
2010 Sep 27 White Trash Girl is discovered by Lincoln Log.
2010 Oct Northwest Hillbilly is discovered by AntiVenom9808.
2010 Oct 5 Hackerfest 2010
2010 Oct 17 Rude Lawyer is discovered TheGoldenPhone2.[44]
2010 Nov Final call is made to the Northwest Hillbilly by AntiVenom9808.
2010 Nov 8 Country Drunk is discovered.[45]
2010 Nov 10 Final call made to DickBag by 8DuncanConstruction8.[46]
2010 Dec 17 Hillbilly Joker is discovered by TheMerlinOfAR.[47]
2010 Dec 19 Retarded Sheriff is discovered by Flazz684.
2010 Final call is made to Hotel Jackass.
2010 Final call is made to Random Asshole.
2010 Final call to the Strip Club Bitch.
2010 Final call is made to Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer. He becomes less responsive to subsequent pranksters and was shown being well aware of the soundboard community.
2010 Nearly a year after the original calls, XxVideopersonxX successfully calls the Drug & Alcohol Lady. Regular calls had ceased after 2009 when she blocked her number from all blocked and Skype calls.


Year Date Event
2011 Aunt Judy is discovered.[48]
2011 Chinaman's number is rediscovered by Zarkell three years after the original call.
2011 Confused Asian Woman is discovered.[49]
2011 Confused Jewish Lady is discovered by TheGoldenPhone.
2011 Brenda is discovered by TheGoldenPhone and MistahBlonde.
2011 Drunk Al is discovered by TheGoldenPhone and MistahBlonde.
2011 Racist Car Dealership Lady is discovered by Revolverocelot2501.[50]
2011 Sherri is discovered by Flazz687.
2011 Jan 11 Kansas Psycho is discovered by Bubbacalling.[51]
2011 Jan 19 New York City Cunt is discovered by TheMerlinofAR.
2011 Feb 24 Confused Aussie Lawyer is discovered by Docthal010.[52][53]
2011 Mar 18 Raged Old Lady is discovered by Derangedpranks.[54]
2011 Mar 20 Mr. Rogersfest 2011[55]
2011 Mar 25 Angry Old Man is discovered by TheGoldenPhone.[56]
2011 Apr 1 Boston Moron is discovered by AfghaNPranksteR.[57]
2011 Apr 21 Harlem Beauty Salon is discovered by AfghaNPranksteR.[58]
2011 Apr 25 Final call is made to the Yellers. The calls ended after the couple received a fax from an "old boy in New York", presumably Chris the Hacker, informing them of their YouTube series.
2011 May 2011 Duncan Scare
2011 May Angry African is discovered by Rawpranks.
2011 May 4 Angry Jamaican Guy is discovered by Randmanq.[59]
2011 May 21 Carol the Waitress is discovered by TheGoldenPhone and MistahBlonde.
2011 Jun Redneck Roofer is conference called with Al the Drunk by MistahBlonde. It would be over a year before Redneck Roofer would be called again.
2011 Jun Final call to Duncan.
2011 Jun 2 Devilheart is discovered by SolidSnakeProductions.
2011 Jun 2 Mrs. Haze is discovered by SolidSnakeProductions.
2011 Jun 9 Black Cop is discovered by AntiVenom9808.
2011 Jun 19 Brian the Foul Mouthed Kid is discovered by SolidSnakeProductions.
2011 Jul 2 The Indian Scammers, a fraudulent technical support company, are discovered by AntiVenom9808. He is joined by other soundboard pranksters in harassing the company for the next six months.
2011 Jul 3 Frank "Duncan" Garrett dies. Regular calls to other Stilwell residents such as Colleen, Karen the Librarian and Homer and Billye Scott end after Duncan's death.

Bail Bondsman-era[edit]

Main article: The Great Rediscovery


Year Date Event
2011 Jul 27 Loud Mouth Bitch & Psycho Husband are discovered by SnakeSnakeProduction. The prank series, Pineapple Lane Saga, ended with the victims calling back the prankster and leaving death threats on his answering machine.
2011 Jul 30 Arnold Fest 2011
2011 Aug 1 Duncan Fest 2011; this is the final "Duncan Fest" due to the death of Frank Garrett the previous month.
2011 Aug 6 Pissed-Off Rednecks are discovered by Derangedpranks.[60]
2011 Aug 8 Rudely Awoken Man is discovered during KDK's "Lunatic Fringe" show.[29]
2011 Aug 8 Final call is made to Loud Mouth Bitch & Psycho Husband. The prank series, called the "Pineapple Lane Saga", ends with the victims calling back the prankster and leaving death threats on his answering machine.
2011 Aug 19 Seven Eleven Focker is discovered by Derangedpranks.[61]
2011 Aug 23 Perfect Asshole is discovered by daeHkiD.[62]
2011 Aug 30 Tracer Lady is discovered by daeHkiD.[63]
2011 Sep 1 Officer Johnson is discovered by Derangedpranks.[64]
2011 Sep 6 Bob Chandler dies.
2011 Sep 24 Aussie Lady is discovered by CommandoRunningMan.[65]
2011 Oct Confused Old Man is discovered by Dontcallback.
2011 Oct 6 The final call to A to Z Pawn reveals that Charles was fired, or possibly quit, from his longtime job; the last-ever call to Charles was made almost four months earlier.
2011 Oct 10 Text Message Telemarketer is discovered by Revolverocelot2501.[66]
2011 Oct 15 Arkansas Hillbilly (Duncan victim) is discovered by Whoruandwherdyoulive.
2011 Oct 16 Birmingham Redneck is discovered by Flazz684.[67]
2011 Oct 25 Deputy Sling Blade is discovered by Flazz684.[68]
2011 Oct 25 The Farmers are discovered by Derangedpranks.[69]
2011 Nov Silly Faggot is discovered by TehPrankCaller and TheMasterCall.
2011 Nov 18 Final call is made to Drug & Alcohol Lady by Mobiethian. Regular calls had ceased after 2009 when she blocked her number from all blocked and Skype calls.
2011 Dec 1 Inspector General Lady is discovered by CaptainSoundboard.
2011 Dec 2 Phat Dat Restaurant is discovered by CrazyHermit.
2011 Dec 4 Kentucky Fuck is discovered by daeHkiD.
2011 Dec 11 Angry Aussie Lady is discovered by MsMonkeyplant.[70]
2011 Final call is made to Angry Homo Escort.
2011 Final call is made to Chris & Jane. After a three-year period, the calls stop after the couple discovered their YouTube series.
2011 Final call is made to Creepy Cookie Guy. The calls end after he quit, or was fired from, Alcoholics Anonymous.
2011 Final call is made to Epic Crazy Lady and Epic Crazy Lady's Husband. The calls ended after the couple blocked their number from all blocked or Skype calls. Their new number was supposedly discovered by xaozzz that same year, however, no further calls were made.
2011 Final call is made to Rick the Prick.


Year Date Event
2011 Shut up Guy is discovered by FC2U.
2012 Jan 1 Laundry Bitch is discovered by Derangedpranks.[71]
2012 Jan 16 Final call is made to Indian Scammers by AfghaNPranksteR. This ends a six-month period of calls originally inspired by AntiVenom9808.
2012 Feb Mexican Faggot is discovered by FC2U.
2012 Feb 15 Final call is made to the Arkansas Hillbilly. The calls ended when the victim discovered the soundboard community.
2012 Mar 2 Texas Redneck is discovered by Kingpicaso.
2012 Mar 9 Fugitive Recovery Agent is discovered by Kaptaintrips.[72]
2012 Mar 12 Final call is made to the Idiot Trucker.
2012 Mar 14 Redneck Lady is discovered by JPranker98. Unlike most victims, almost all calls made to her are 3-way conference calls.
2012 Mar 17 Mr. Rogersfest 2012[73]
2012 Mar 19 LifeChangingCalls is arrested by local police after making multiple soundboard calls to 911 centers in Delaware and Massachusetts.
2012 Mar 21 Motherlover is discovered by daeHkiD.
2012 Mar 25 The Gilmores are discovered by Derangedpranks.[74]
2012 Spring Report The Fault Bloke is discovered by L00n3yTube.[75]
2012 Apr 1 Sheriff Miranda is discovered by Derangedpranks.[76]
2012 Apr 5 Douglas Quaid 618 closes his YouTube account as a special investigative team is formed to track down the prankster. The Albuquerque Police Department decided to take action after Quaid had conference called three police operators together on one line. The incident attracts local media attention from ABC-affiliated news stations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unlike LifeChangingCalls, the prankster avoided capture and subsequently disappeared.
2012 Apr 10 Final call is made to Redneck Lady.
2012 Apr 10 Eddy the Seven Mile OG is discovered by Whoruandwherdyoulive.[77]
2012 May Cop Screamer is discovered by JPranker98.[78]
2012 Summer Redneck Roofer is called by Fortunecookiesucks. It is the first call to the victim in over a year. This call was uploaded on YouTube at the end of the year beginning a new series of calls.
2012 Summer Respected Gentleman is discovered by L00n3yTube.[79]
2012 Summer Life Alert calls are made to the Bail Bondsman and his local police departments by MistahBlonde
2012 May 9 Joey Down In Anderson is discovered by Quitspazzin.
2012 May 22 Cocky Guy is discovered by KKKRulesUNiggers31.
2012 Jun Meat Grinder Mike is discovered by daeHkiD.
2012 Jun Roxanne from Florida is discovered by Quitspazzin.
2012 Jun 1 Final call is made to Cocky Guy.
2012 Jun 3 Angry Andy is discovered by DevanPx.
2012 Jun 4 Stuck in the Elevator Guy is discovered by PicklePranks. The victim was originally known several years ago for cursing-out the customer service rep at an elevator company, which was released on the internet via a leaked tape, resulting in his becoming an internet meme.
2012 Jun 5 The Prosecutor is discovered by JPranker98. The abrupt termination of the pranker's YouTube account led to speculation that JPranker98 have have been found out by his victim as The Prosecutor had threatened him with legal action during the calls.
2012 Jun 9 Curtis is discovered by daeHkiD.
2012 Jun 10 Mafia Lady is discovered by ImmaArnie.[80]
2012 Jun 17 Three years after the original call, Bail Bondsman's number is rediscovered by CootPrankCalls.
2012 Jun 20 Final call is made to the Inspector General Lady.
2012 Jun 22 Final call is made to Chris the Hacker. The subsequent close of DatBoys Data Recovery prevents further calls and ends one of the longest-ever prank series.
2012 Jun 26 Final call is made to the Texas Redneck. The calls ended when the prankster retired.
2012 Jul 6 Final call is made to Tracer Lady.
2012 Jul 11 Off-Duty Sheriff is discovered by Sir Cranksalot.
2012 Jul 12 Irate Iowan is discovered by Whoruandwherdyoulive.[81]
2012 Jul 14 Kentucky Asshole is discovered by Sir Cranksalot.[82]
2012 Jul 16 Kentucky Racist is discovered by Sir Cranksalot.[83]
2012 Jul 28 Final call is made to Silly Faggot.
2012 Jul 30 Arnold Fest 2012
2012 Jul 31 Indiana Guy is discovered by Sir Cranksalot.[84]
2012 Aug 8 Miami Gangsta is discovered by CommandoRunningMan.
2012 Aug 13 Mississippi Redneck is discovered by Sir Cranksalot.[85]
2012 Aug 17 Angry Italian Guy is discovered by Picklepranks.
2012 Aug 19 Stilwell Grandma is discovered by CommandoRunningMan.
2012 Aug 31 Compton Barber is discovered by Lee0nline1.
2012 Sep 7 Fred's Neighbour is discovered by Puremadnessmann.
2012 Sep 11 Hillbilly Mechanics is discovered by Quitspazzin.
2012 Sep 16 Iranian Family Fucker is discovered by FridockShir.
2012 Sep 18 Matt the Asshole is discovered by daeHkiD.
2012 Sep 27 Final call is made to Off-Duty Sheriff.[86]
2012 Oct 11 Tampa Bitch is discovered by CommandoRunningMan.[87]
2012 Oct 19 Final call is made to Karen the Librarian by Pranktz. She is the last called Stilwell victim of the Duncan-era.[88]
2012 Oct 19 Angie is discovered by Pranktz.[89]
2012 Oct 26 Motherlover's Wife is discovered by Pranktz.[90]
2012 Oct 30 Angie's employee is discovered by Pranktz.[91]
2012 Nov 1 Maneater is discovered by Pranktz.[92]
2012 Nov 2 Southern Gentleman is discovered by Prank Hill.[93]
2012 Nov 10 Porn Shop Whigger is discovered by Tom0900060.[94]
2012 Nov 12 The Trenton Punks are discovered by Slimedime333.[95]
2012 Nov 13 Bail Bondsman Games[96]
2012 Nov 14 Delaware Qweer is discovered by Whoruandwherdyoulive.[97]
2012 Nov 15 Mincing Aussie is discovered by TheMerlinOfAR.[98]
2012 Nov 20 AfghaNPranksteR's YouTube account is terminated resulting the loss of hundreds of prank calls and original series. At 382 calls, it was considered one of the largest collections on YouTube.
2012 Nov 22 The Sicko is discovered by Sir Cranksalot.[99]
2012 Dec 1 Backpage Slut is discovered by Gregory Stevens and Prank Hill.[100]
2012 Dec 15 Willy Wanda is discovered by Pranktz.[101]
2012 Dec 22 East Texas Hillbilly is discovered by CommandoRunningMan.[102]
2012 Dec 29 Cock Inspector is discovered by daeHkid and Pranktz.[103]


Year Date Event
2013 Officer Crazy is discovered.
2013 Jan 4 The Wayne County Hillbillies are discovered by Peter Sathings.[104]
2013 Jan 5 Carl's Jr. Guy is discovered by Phuckaducker.[105]
2013 Jan 6 Kayla is discovered by Prank Hill.[106]
2013 Jan 7 The last "official" call is made to Respected Gentleman when it is revealed that he has been informed of the long-running series on YouTube.[107]
2013 Jan 11 AfghanPrankster returns to YouTube, less than two months after his account was terminated, and announces that he will be re-uploading his soundboard collection under his new channel "TheArtOfPrankCalling".[108]
2013 Jan 25 MDopvveszZW makes his final calls to Stilwell Grandma; the last call is answered by an unidentified woman claiming to be recording the conversation for the Stilwell sheriff's office. This leaves only two remaining pranksters calling her.[109]
2013 Jan 26 Crazy Black Gangsta is discovered by SemberiaMedia.
2013 Feb Country Guy is discovered by Billybob James.[110]
2013 Feb 15 Gay Hair Braider is discovered by CommandoRunningMan.[111]
2013 Feb 22 The Limo Guy is rediscovered by CommandoRunningMan. One of the earliest known soundboard victims, this was the first call made to him in over a decade. He is subsequently called back with a soundboard of himself.
2013 Mar 8 Boston Hitler is discovered by Springfeeeel.[112]
2013 Mar 8 The final call is made to Porn Shop Whigger. The victim reveals that she was made aware of the calls, presumably by a snitch, which abruptly brings an end to the series.[113]
2013 Apr 2 Goober Lady is discovered by DaeHkiD.
2013 Apr 4 Wackjob and THAT Family are discovered by Pranktz.
2013 Apr 4 Myles Bennett Dyson, arguably YouTube's most prolific Arnold Schwarzenegger caller, goes into retirement after his account is terminated by YouTube. He returned under the same username within 48 hours, however, and continued to make calls for another two years.
2013 Apr 5 The last-ever calls are made to Stilwell Grandma. The decision to end the series, according to the prankster, was due to conserns over her age and health.
2013 Apr 25 Nasally Mike is discovered by RapidRedial.[114]
2013 Apr 30 Wesley Cocks is discovered by MistahBlonde.
2013 May 3 Depressed Psycho is discovered by Sir Cranksalot.
2013 Jun 1 The Hay Man is discovered by Pranktz.
2013 Jun 2 A new call is made to Tom the Pissed off Roofer by Billybob James using his actual voice.
2013 Jun 14 Gullible Guy is discovered by Wilford Brimley during a live broadcast.
2013 Jul 4 Wisconsin Teen is discovered by Billybob James.
2013 Jul 9 Angry Republican is discovered by Egojames007.
2013 Jul 20 Calgary Butcher is discovered by Wilford Brimley during a live broadcast.
2013 Jul 29 Duncan Fest 2013
2013 Aug 2 Mama's Boy is discovered by Wilford Brimley during a live broadcast.
2013 Fall The House Mom is discovered by PranksAreUs83.
2013 Sep 11 Maid Service Scammer is discovered by PranksAreUs83.
2013 Oct 5 Mall Crisis Katie is discovered by MistahBlonde.[115]
2013 Oct 23 Westlake Bitch is discovered by L00n3yTube.[116]
2013 The Jerk Off Guy is discovered by AfghaNPranksteR.


Year Date Event
2014 Jan Duncan Discussion is created by Jack Inoff. It is the first home for the soundboard community since the close of the Realm of Darkness forums two years earlier. Although an immediate success with fans and pranksters alike, the website lasted a little more than a year before it was taken down by a hacker.
2014 Jan 10 Arizona Couple is discovered by TheDamonGant.[117]
2014 Jan 10 Crazy Mark is discovered by Billybob James. [118]
2014 Feb 7 Anti-Obama Veterinarian is discovered by Dialtone Disasters.[119]
2014 Feb 22 Cali Tough Guy is discovered by DarkandMean.
2014 Feb 26 Josh the Juice Head is discovered by 1ex1uger.[120]
2014 Feb 27 Craigslist Teenager is discovered by TheDamonGant.[121]
2014 Mar 3 Alabama Dimwit is discovered by DaeHkiD, Harassment CALLER and Jack Inoff.[122]
2014 Mar 7 Georgia Brawler is discovered by The Kyra and Mobiethian Show during a live broadcast.[123]
2014 May 14 Timid Racist is discovered by FuckinBirmingham.[124]
2014 May 21 Mr. Bitch is discovered by CalledFromPalmdale.[125]
2014 May 24 Missouri Grandma is discovered by Harassment CALLER.[126]
2014 Jul 10 Cock Inspector passes away.
2014 Jul 11 Ohio Tough Guy is discovered by Sonicmaster701.[127]
2014 Jul 23 Welsh Chief is discovered by Puremadnessmann.
2014 Duncan Fest 2014
2014 Aug 10 Pissed-Off Canadian Couple are discovered by TheDamonGant.[128]
2014 Aug 24 Rudely Awoken Lady is discovered by RexPrankz.[129]
2014 Aug 26 Hot Tempered Southern Elderly Woman is discovered by PrankDial.com.[130]
2014 Sep 12 Long Beach Hood Rats are discovered by Dialtone Disasters.[131]
2014 Oct 10 Posh Ealing Lady is discovered by RexPrankz.[132]
2014 Dec 2 Angry Grandma's Boy is discovered by Springfeel.[133]


Year Date Event
2015 Jan 1 Tom From Phoenix is discovered by daeHkiD.[134]
2015 Jul 14 Angry British Grandma is discovered by RexPrankz.[135]
2015 Oct 10 Salacious Bartender is discovered by Count Prankula.[136]
2015 Pest Control Patty is discovered by Dialtone Disasters.

California Crook-era[edit]


Year Date Event
2016 Jan 16 The California Crook is discovered by The Phantom Caller.[137]
2016 Apr 17 Black Lives Matter is discovered by Pranktz.[138]
2016 Jul 16 Four years after the original calls, Randmanq releases a new series of calls to Angry Jamaican Guy[139]
2016 Aug 16 The last-ever call is made to Jackass Plumber by 2 Guys 1 Soundboard. The victim claims he is suffering from cancer resulting in the pranksters to ask the community to cease calling him.[140]
2016 Casino Larry is discovered by Pran Funkels during a live broadcast.[141]


Year Date Event
2017 Feb 17 Crazy Kiwi is discovered by Springfeel2017.[142]
2017 May Human Garbage Guy is discovered by DavidMurdock4.
2016 Jul 5 A third set of calls is made to Angry Jamaican Guy over a 4-day period.[143]
2017 Jun 24 The Prosecutor reportedly passes away. Plans for a revival of the Prosecutor Fridays series were being planned but unfortunately no new calls had been made at the time of his death.
2017 Duncan Fest 2017
2017 August 19 Inch Pimp is discovered by Sky Candy.
2017 Boston Jew is discovered.[29]
2017 New York City Jew is discovered.[144]
2017 Sep 2 Rick the Mullet Man is called, albeit briefly, by Very Phishy. This is the first confirmed contact with the victim since his 2009 debut.[145]
2017 Nov 17 The Sex Beast is discovered by The Candy Phone.[146]
2017 Dec Laptop Dealer is discovered by Gapehorner during a live broadcast. [147]
2017 Dec New Jersey Jerk is discovered by Hooch Pandersnatch.[148]


Year Date Event
2018 Jan 7 Duncan Discussion experiences a revival of sorts when a new soundboard forum honoring the original website is established on Voat.[149]
2018 Jan 20 Alabama Alcoholic is discovered by PikFittan.[150]
2018 Jan 20 Kentucky Legal Chick is discovered by Hooch Pandersnatch.[151]
2018 Jan 31 Dialtone Disasters goes on temporary hiatus.
2018 Feb 11 The Clueless Cashier is discovered by Hooch Pandersnatch.[152]
2018 Feb 17 Homer Scott passes away.
2018 Mar 22 Burger King Creep is discovered by Sepia Avocado. [153]
2018 Aug 7 Number One Cunt is discovered during a conjunction of calls by SEECO1000 and Hooch Pandersnatch.[154]
2018 Aug 18 Angry Music Man is discovered by BBE and Hooch Pandersnatch. [155]

Dates unknown[edit]

  • Black Bitch is discovered by TheGoldenPhone. (First called by Racist Redneck during 2008 or after; prior to 2010)
  • British Bitch is discovered by SyntheticPranks/ItsOnlyAPrank
  • Californian Teen is discovered by ItsOnlyAPrank. (First called by Rick the Mulletman during 2009 or after[156][157])
  • Crazy Business Family is discovered by TheGoldenPhone. (First called by Duncan during 2007 or after; prior to 2011)
  • Deputy Duncan is discovered (Called prior to 2009)
  • Disgusting Mother is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2.
  • Dr. Frank Garrett is discovered (First called by Jesus Lady prior to 2009)
  • Drunk Newsman (Original call lost)
  • Gary Busey's Stalker is discovered (First called by Satanic Racist during 2008 or after; original call lost)
  • Angry Mother & Son is discovered (First called by AA Guy during 2009 or after)
  • Sick Old Lady is discovered (First called by Donna Pope's Neighbor during 2008 or after)
  • Miss Kitty is discovered (First called by Donna Pope's Neighbor during 2008 or after)
  • Just Got In To Work Lady is discovered (First called by Sick Old Lady during 2008 or after)
  • Lunatic Redneck is discovered (First called by Racist Redneck during 2008 or after)
  • Mandi and Dave is discovered (First called by Al Pacino; original calls lost)
  • Officer Ed Powell is discovered by Xaozzz (first called by Springfield Pervert during 2009 or after)
  • Phuckboy is discovered. (First called by Al Pacino; original calls lost)
  • Pissed-Off Canadian is discovered by Fortunecookiesucks. (First called by Duncan during 2007 or after)
  • Pissed-Off Dispatcher is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2 (First called by Chris the Hacker during 2009 or after)
  • Pissed off Southern Girl is discovered by Xaozzz. (original calls lost)
  • Jesus Guy is discovered. (First called by Duncan during 2007 or after)
  • Redneck Teen is discovered by xXVideoPersonXx (First called by Duncan during 2007 or after)
  • Richard's Redneck is discovered. (First called by Richard Simmons prior to 2006)
  • Sal the Bar Guy is discovered (First called by Al Pacino prior to 2009)
  • Scottish Lady is discovered by TheGoldenPhone. (First called by Gay Florist during 2007 or after)
  • Sgt. Libski is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2. (First called by Drunk Guy prior to 2010)
  • Bacation Lady is discovered by TheGoldenPhone. (First called by Arnold Schwarzenegger prior to 2009)
  • Jesse is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2. (First called by Bacation Lady during 2009 or after)
  • Tony the Racist is discovered by MistahBlonde. (First called by Jesse prior to 2010)
  • Vietman is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2. (First called by Chinaman prior to 2010)
  • WoW Girl is discovered by MistahBlonde. (First called by Duncan during 2007 or after)
  • Young Redneck is discovered by Zarkrell. (First called by Duncan during 2007 or after)
  • Yuppie is discovered by TheGoldenPhone2. (First called by Rick the Mulletman during 2009 or after)
  • Sgt. Chubick is discovered. (Discovered sometime during 2010 or 2011).

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