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Timothy Meadows
as the Ladies' Man


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Stand-up comedian, actor, comedian


(1961-02-05) February 5, 1961 (age 58)




Timothy "Tim" Meadows (born February 5, 1961) is an American actor and comedian best known as one of the longest running cast members on Saturday Night Live.

Meadows often spoofed famous personalities including O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey and Erykah Badu on SNL, and one time remarked that he had no character that was identified to him, such as Wayne and Garth being identified to Mike Myers and Dana Carvey. Eventually he did get an original character with Leon Phelps, "The Ladies' Man", a perpetually horny talk show host who believed himself to be the living definition of what females search for in a man. The sketch/character was adapted into a 2000 film, The Ladies Man, which followed the character's attempts to find love and a suitable outlet for his beloved radio program. Despite a surprise guest appearance by Meadows on Saturday Night Live immediately following his departure to promote the movie, it was not well received by critics or fans and subsequently flopped at the box office. It has, however, become a cult classic on DVD and cable.

Meadows has appeared in other feature films, including Coneheads, It's Pat, and Wayne's World 2, all of which were based on popular SNL characters and had varying rates of success.


  • "Heeey! What's happenin'?"
  • "Hey, sweet thang!"
  • "So you ... don't want a fish sandwich?"
  • "Mrs. Robinson .. are you trying to seduce me?"
  • "You sound painfully shy."
  • "That not a crazy idea! I LIKE that idea and I will support it."
  • ("sexy" laugh)
  • "I am like Mother Theresa."
  • "I'm a man of action!"
  • "You can't blame the wang!"
  • "You're plenty gay. (laughs) There's nothing really more to say about that. I think ya'll know that."
  • "I think you got a deal."
  • "How long have you been, uh, "nunin' it up"?"

Prank Calls[edit]

  • Ladies Man calls a Black Man[1]


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