Thug Wannabe

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Thug Wannabe
Realm of Darkness's depiction of The Thug Wannabe


Prank Call Victim


Unknown, possibly in his 20s or early 30s



The Thug Wannabe (real name: unknown) is a victim who originated from an Al Pacino prank call. He is well known for trading insults back and fourth with Pacino by speaking in thuggish (for example, he would say something like "I ain't fuckin' around no more.") and using ghetto slang (e.g. calling Pacino a "dawg" or a "pussy"). He apparently fancies himself a gangster, which could explain his nickname and/or why he's using such language.[1]


The source of the Thug Wannabe's depiction is a photo of the British actor, Joel Goonan's character, Gaz Bennett, from the TV show, Hollyoaks.


  • "What the fuck is my name?"
  • "Listen, boy. I'm gonna tell you this right now: you need to shut the fuck up, and chill back. Who the fuck is this?"
  • "What's my name boy?"
  • "Jim, huh? Jim?"
  • "Motherfuck, you got the wrong number, dog."
  • "You call my house and you say Jim? Who the fuck is Jim?"
  • "Listen, buddy. I don't know why you're callin' my house, and you're askin' for the wrong person, so dude you need to get your shit straight, man. You're one fucked up person."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Al Pacino calls a Thug Wannabe Realm of Darkness Thug Wannabe Original call. [1]
December 13, 2012 Thug Wannabe Calls Porn Shop Whigger Tom0900060 Porn Shop Whigger [2]
August 8th, 2013 Thug Wannabe Calls The Bail Bondshhman IntelligentApeMan Bail Bondsman [3]


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