The Sicko

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The Sicko
Ima Legalfirm's Depiction of The Sicko


Prank Call Victim






mid to-late 40s



The Sicko is a prank call victim who was discovered by Sir Cranksalot in November 2012. He was one of several Craigslist victims called during a "tag team" collaboration with Puremadnessmann receiving calls from the Prosecutor[1], Meat Grinder Mike, and Satanic Racist.[2]

In Sir Cranksalot's first solo call to The Sicko the victim stayed on the line with Rick the Mullet Man for over 20 minutes. According to the prankster, The Sicko "didn't want to hang up [and] I actually had to end the call myself".[3] He was called several days later by Peggy, Off-Duty Sheriff, and Rick the Mullet Man.[4] Although a victim soundboard was planned it has not yet been released (as of June 2013).


The picture used for The Sicko originates from a 1969 mugshot of Charles Manson, taken after he and his followers were arrested following the murder of actress, Sharon Tate.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
November 22, 2012 The Prosecutor calls some folks Puremadnessmann
Sir Cranksalot
The Sicko Original call. [1]
November 22, 2012 Satanic Racist & Meat Grinder Mike Puremadnessmann
Sir Cranksalot
The Sicko [2]
November 27, 2012 Rick The Mullet Man Calls A Sicko Sir Cranksalot The Sicko [3]
November 30, 2012 Rick & Friends Call the Sicko Sir Cranksalot The Sicko [4]