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Dialtone Disasters (formerly known as The Kyra and Mobiethian Show, Kyra and Mobiethian LIVE, Dialtone Disasters, and Moonlight Pranks) is a live prank call show hosted by Kyra Kitten and Mikey. It was originally hosted by Kyra and Mobiethian, with Mikey serving as technical adviser and occasional co-host. The team also included Finn for a period in 2015. Special guests were also featured on the program including daeHkiD, Pranktz, PranksAreUs83, 3DPranks, and TheSBAddict. The show originally aired every weekend on YouTube at 7:00 PST/10:00 EST from 2013 to 2014. After the end of its original run, Kyra resumed live shows with co-host Cody on a new show and channel, Pran Funkels.

The series eventually returned in 2015 under the name Dialtone Disasters but did not have a regular broadcast schedule instead airing on random days and times. On January 27, 2018, Kyra and Mikey announced that the show would be going on temporary hiatus as of January 31, however, expressed hope they would be able to do one more episode. The decision was made due to health and financial problems prompting them to give up their access to the internet.[1]

The Kyra and Mobiethian Show was the only active live broadcast on YouTube after Wilford Brimley LIVE went on hiatus in late-2013. Unlike previous series, the show was a combination of soundboard and "traditional" prank calling with characters voiced by the hosts. It is also notable for both the number of victims it has discovered as well as calls to well-known victims such as Bail Bondsman, Birmingham Redneck, Meat Grinder Mike, Motherlover, Mystery Man, and Satanic Racist. Their calls to Chris the Hacker were the Soundboard Prank Call Community's first contact with the victim since the close of DatBoys Data Recovery in May 2012.


The show staff members voice serveral characters, centering around the drama-filled Anderson family from Macon, Georgia, USA. Their home has been host to extended members of the family, stepfamily, and foreign exchange students. They have a small guest house, and an RV is sometimes parked outside. The core of the family is as follows:

  • Don Anderson (voiced by Mobiethian): The head of the household. A scrap yard worker.
  • Joan Anderson (voiced by Mobiethian): A kindly middle-aged housewife. Part-time grocery store worker.
  • Brian Anderson (voiced by Mikey): The oldest child, at 25. A hotel manager. Usually distant from his crazy family.
  • Ruby Anderson (voiced by Kyra Kitten): The Anderson's daughter. She is 16, but often pretends to be older. A high school cheerleader.

Notable victims[edit]

  • Glory Lordy
  • Goodie for You Lady
  • High Blood Pressure Lady
  • Furious Lady of the Night
  • Relentless Dodge Dart Man
  • Long Beach Hood Rats
  • Sassy Mississippi Boy
  • Shawn the College Guy
  • The Single Mom
  • Snooty Craig's List Lady
  • Spa & Casino Lady
  • Suburban Drunk Man
  • The Wasted Couple
  • Polite Paralegals


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