The House Mom

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The House Mom


Prank Call Victim


Stripper/Entertainer at The Fantasy Castle


Unknown, possibly early to mid 20's


African American

The House Mom is a stripper/entertainer at the Fantasy Castle, a strip club located in Signal Hill, California. She has been the subject of numerous prank calls with and without soundboards. She was discovered by PranksAreUs83 in Late 2013.

History of Calls[edit]

PranksAreUs84 made a call to the Fantasy Castle in 2011, although The House Mom wasn't working there at the time. Technically, this means the strip club was discovered in 2011, although the victim wasn't called until late 2013.

She was called by the Springfield Pervert first, who she made quickly was irritated when he was mentioning the fact he was calling from Springfield. She got even more irritated when she was told about his cock size. She claims to have a boyfriend who is "260 pounds, no fat, all muscle."

She was also called by The Chinaman and Lally on the same night. OsibePranks17 called her as well in a collaboration with PranksAreUs84. After a 2 month break, the strip club was called on the week of Valentine's Day.

Source of her name/depiction[edit]

The House Mom was given her name because when Walsh asked, "Who's this?", she replied with, "This is The House Mom..."

In a recent call by OsibePranks17, she reveals she is African American.