The Gilmores

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The Gilmores


Prank Call Victim



Newton County, Georgia


early to-mid 60s





The Gilmores are prank call victims who were discovered by Derangedpranks in March 2012. They were first called by another couple, the Pissed off Rednecks, and then Officer Kasaka, and Officer Martin. The husband claimed that they had received a similar call a few days earlier and had filed a police report. In the Kasaka call, Mr. Gilmore offered to have the caller talk to a local sheriff that was on the other line.[1] The prankster called The Gilmores a few days later and put Mrs. Gilmore (Renee) in a three-way call with the Newton County Sheriff's Department as part of a special April Fool's Day prank. Interestingly, Mrs. Gilmore and the policewoman Sheriff Miranda knew each other.[2] A victim soundboard of the police dispatcher resulted from this call and was subsequently released by the website.[3]


Mr. Gilmore[edit]

  • "Yes, m-ma'am?"
  • "Do what now?"
  • "I can't hear ye'."
  • "Well, I'm sorry that it'd done that. Please don't call us again."
  • "Lady, we put up with this out of some son-of-a-bitch the other day with the SAME attack. We called the sheriff's office and THEY .. are TRYING .. to find .. your .. STUPID ASS. Now you get off the damn phone. Do NOT dial this number again. If ya' do, I've got a buddy in the FBI and he says "I can find any son-of-a-bitch on the planet". So DO NOT CALL this number again."
  • "If we catch you I WILL send your ass to the pen. Now get off the fuckin' phone and do not CALL again."
  • "I think we got a tree full of squirrels, personally."
  • "Let me explain somethin' to you HOSS! I've got the officer on the phone right now on THIS end right now. Do you wanna talk to ... her?"
  • "Alright, just go ahead an' talk. You're on speakerphone and she's listenin'. Go right ahead."
  • "I've already GOT them on the line, on the second line, now and they will talk to you if you want to talk to them."
  • "Yeah, well the same thing's happenin' HERE. So evidently, if you're not callin' me, evidently something's screwed up here with YOUR equipment or the telephone company's equipment. I'll give you the sheriff's office number right here. Just hang on a minute. (pause) And you can call them and talk to THEM."
  • "Just a minute. Give me time to get it."
  • "It's (870) 446-5124."
  • "Nooo .. that's not what I said."
  • "870 is the area code. What's your area code?"
  • "Call this number. They would LOVE to talk to you. It's (870) 446-5124."
  • "Listen idiot! I'm gonna repeat it ONE more time. TRY to concentrate and write it down."
  • "Goodbye!"

Mrs. Gilmore[edit]

  • "Hellooo?"
  • "Who is it?"
  • "This is Gilmores."
  • "Well MY phone rang." (laughs)
  • "Wh-what was the number?"
  • "You're calling me!"
  • "I have not been callin' anywhere."
  • "What's YOUR name?"
  • "I wanna know who YOU are."
  • "I didn't talk to you this mornin'. I've NEVER talked to you."
  • "Uhh, my husband- I'm gonna have to let you go. We're fixin' to call the sheriff."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
March 25, 2012 Keeping Up With The Gilmores Derangedpranks The Gilmores Original call. [1]
April 1, 2012 3 Way Prank Call with Sheriffs Department Derangedpranks The Gilmores
Sheriff Miranda