Terrorist Pizza Guy

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Terrorist Pizza Guy
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ROD's Depiction of the Terrorist Pizza Guy


Prank Call Victim




unknown, possibly middle-aged








wife, unknown name


has at least one daughter

The Terrorist Pizza Guy (real name: unknown) was the victim of a Jerky Boys prank call "Terrorist Pizza", which appears on their 1994 album Jerky Boys 2. In that prank call, he gets upset that his daughter and wife got sick after eating a pizza and repeatedly threatened a man at an unknown-named pizza place. TPG claimed that the pizza man delivered his pizza late and did not even give him a rebate. After the pizza man tells him that he would send a cupon in the mail, TPG becomes more angrier by threatening to kill him and bomb the pizza place, and until the end of the prank call, he repeatedly says "shut the fuck up". He also attempts to take the pizza man to court.

TPG has never mentioned anything about himself, except that he's married and has at least one daughter. He apparently made an appearance in another prank call named "My Friend I'll Kill You", which is rumored to be a "lost" prank call by The Jerky Boys. In the "My Friend I'll Kill You" prank call, TPG tells next his neighbor to turn the noise down, so that he and his family can sleep.


The Terrorist Pizza Guy's depiction is based off of the character, Salim Abu Aziz, from the 1994, Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, True Lies, played by Art Malik.


  • "Shut the fuck up!"
  • "Hey! I'm gonna take you to court, what kinda pizza place is this? You came late for one, then you don't give me a rebate and then we throw up."
  • "CUPON?! My daughter's throwing up, I'm gonna take you to court!"
  • "I'm gonna kill you! You do not treat me like this! My daughter's sick, my wife is sick and you're talkin' about cupon? What kind of business is this? I'm gonna-- I'm gonna bomb that place! What kinda people are you? My friend, this is not good business."
  • "Look at your fuckin' food maybe you poison everybody."

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