Tampa Bitch

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Tampa Bitch
Depiction of Tampa Bitch


Prank Call Victim



Tampa, Florida


early to-mid 50s





Tampa Bitch is a prank call victim who was discovered by CommandoRunningMan in October 2012. An elderly woman in Tampa, Florida, she was first called by Tiesha and was initially polite to the caller before angrily hanging up.[1] She was called twice more with Tyrone from Compton[2] and a soundboard of herself; ironically, her longest and most argumentative conversation was with herself.[3]

A victim soundboard was created by the pankster which he used to call a number of other victims including Jackass Plumber[4] and Stilwell Grandma.[5]


  • "Hello?"
  • "Who is this?"
  • "What are you talkin' about? Who ARE you?"
  • "WHO'S the bitch ass nigga?!"
  • "I'm on my way motherfucka'! Who is this?!"
  • "Alright, BITCH..motherfucker I'm on the way!"
  • "I ain't playin' on the phone. I'm too old to play on the phone."
  • "You dropped the dime on me."
  • "I'm not, hey sweetheart, that's not my style. Let's show some respect here for the elderly."
  • "There's nothin' you have that I want."
  • "WHAT is your problem?! What's the matter with you?!"
  • "Don't call her talkin' crazy 'cause I'm not gonna' be bothered with that."
  • "Look HOE, I'm wherever I am. Now what the fuck are you gonna do about where I am?"
  • "[You're] fuckin' upset over some bullshit, probably a wrong number, and you're acting all crazy. You need to calm the fuck down."
  • "You know what I need you to do? I need you to grow up and shut up. Ct?"
  • "Who are you gonna vote for? Obama or Romney?"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
October 11, 2012 Tiesha calls a Tampa Bitch CommandoRunningMan Tampa Bitch Original call. [1]
October 11, 2012 Tyrone from Compton calls the Tampa Bitch CommandoRunningMan Tampa Bitch [2]
October 11, 2012 Tampa Bitch calls herself CommandoRunningMan Tampa Bitch [3]
October 11, 2012 Tampa Bitch calls the Jackass Plumber CommandoRunningMan Jackass Plumber [4]
February 15, 2013 Tampa Bitch calls a Gay Hair Braider in Compton CommandoRunningMan Male victim [6]
March 14, 2013 Tampa Bitch calls Stanley in Compton CommandoRunningMan Male victim, Stilwell Grandma [5]