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Chronological order of calls to the CRB household:

2/14/2009 --  Prank Mix Pt. 1  --  itzmurda81 -- all CRB-related calls from this vid later compiled into "Original Calls to the Colossal Racist Bitch".......the first call in this vid was actually placed in 2008, but wasnt posted until this video 

5/7/2009  --  Prank Mix Pt. 2  --  itzmurda81 -- almost all CRB-related calls from this vid later compiled into "Original Calls to the Colossal Racist Bitch"...featured a jesus lady/philly thug call to crb that did not make it to the original calls compilation

2009 -- Calls to the Colossal Crazy Couple (later renamed "Original Calls to the Colossal Racist Bitch") -- itzmurda81 -- after the videos above were taken down, this call compiled all of itzmurda's calls above (minus the jesus lady/philly thug one), plus contained an exclusive unreleased call which starts at 0:48 which itzmurda didn't originally post in his prank mixes because of its harsh content (this unheard call was the basis for the clips for the crb soundboard that was made shortly after). This video has been reuploaded by SBCallsArchive and is currently the only video featuring itzmurda's original calls still on Youtube

After that video was originally posted, Goldenphone made a soundboard for her. Goldenphone gave her the name that we know of her today. itzmurda's original name for them were the "Colossal Crazy Couple" ("colossal" being a synonym for "epic."). Goldenphone changed it to Colossal Racist Bitch / CRB's Husband 

12/2009 -- Craigslist Harassment 8 (XMAS EVE)  -- Mr88Nismo -- Called the CRB household with Tiesha and Officer Martin

2010 --  Return of the Colossal Racist Bitch -- Total Redial

2010 --  Arnold Calls the Colossal Racist Bitch -- Total Redial

Total Redial also made a jackass plumber calls crb call, and the mp3 can be found in the "total redial box set" featuring all of his calls, but i dont think a video was ever made for it

2010 -- Sick Old Lady & Miss Kitty Call The Colossal Racist Bitch -- Flazz687