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The Student
Trendyrapslut's Depiction of The Student


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard




early 20s





The Student (real name Justin) is (or perhaps was) a student who lives in a rural part of Ohio.

Call history[edit]

The Student was initially discovered by Dizeestl, who was called (by request) with the Angry Black Guy soundboard, on June 4, 2008.[2] Duncan made the first calls to The Student which were quite lengthy,[3] and Jesus Lady later made an appearance towards the end of another call.[4] He was later called by Arnold's Escort[5] and Jackass Plumber.[1] The last-ever call was made by Duncan on September 29, 2008.[6]

The calls finally ended, according to Dizeestl, when The Student's mother began answering the phone and hanging up.[7][8] Presumably, The Student graduated and moved out of his parent's house making future calls unlikely.

The Student was called a final time by Trendyrapslut on March 13, 2011.[9]


  • "I think you're...uh-a little bit drunk there buddy."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
June 4, 2008 Prank Call Montage to the Racist Redneck & More v2.0 Dizeestl The Student Original call. [2]
June 11, 2008 Duncan calls a Student Dizeestl The Student [3]
June 19, 2008 Prank Call Montage v4.0 Dizeestl The Student [7]
July 14, 2008 Prank Montage to the Student Dizeestl The Student [4]
July 17, 2008 Hooker calls the Student Dizeestl The Student [5]
August 20, 2008 The Country Bitch Calls The Student and More! Biteyourthumbsoff The Student [10]
September 18, 2008 Jackass Plumber calls the Student Dizeestl The Student [1]
September 18, 2008 The Student is angry, deaf and in denial CrazyPrankCaller Various [11]
September 29, 2008 The War Wages on with Duncan vs The Student Dizeestl The Student [6]
August 15, 2009 Calls from the Student Trendyrapslut [12]
October 3, 2009 The Student Calls Some Auto Shops & ECLH Calls A Bar And Grill Waste668 Various [13]
October 4, 2009 The Student Calls A Guy Named Frank (feat. Frank + D&A Lady) Waste668 Male victim [14]
October 14, 2009 Alabama Redneck, Satanic Racist & The Student Harass A Stoned Black Man Waste668 Male victim [15]
N/A ECLH, The Student, Angry Mother And Son, And Duncan Brian79camino [16]
N/A The Student, Angry Mother And Son, AA Guy, And Angry Barber Brian79camino [17]
N/A The Student, D&A Lady, And Cris The Hotel Spaz Brian79camino [18]
N/A G-Girl, Duncan, And Young Redneck Call A Crazy Bail Bonds Guy Brian79camino Male victim [19]
March 13, 2011 Jackass Plumber puts down the sniffly idiot and Frank calls the student Trendyrapslut The Student [9]
July 23, 2011 ABG, The Student, Redneck Bitch, Toilet Lady, And AA Guy Brian79camino [20]