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Strip Club Bitch
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Ima Legalfirm's Depiction of Strip Club Bitch


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard

Real name



Strip club employee


Toronto, Canada


early to-mid 30s





The Strip Club Bitch (real name: Kerri) was a recurring victim of prank caller AntiVenom9808 and DragonSanPrankCalls. An employee at a Toronto gentleman's club called For Your Eyes Only, she would become a repeated target of prank calls, due to her unusual and largely amusing reactions.

On March 1, 2014, The Kyra and Mobiethian Show called the Strip Club Bitch's workplace in an attempt to speak with the victim. A brief conversation with an employee suggests that that the victim is no longer employed at For Your Eyes Only.


The SCB's history as a prank caller spanned a considerable length of time, and as her popularity as a victim grew, so continued AntiVenom9808's calls. She would also be called by DragonSanPrankCalls, who primarily called some of AntiVenom's victims.

First calls[edit]

Working at one of the many hometown businesses in Toronto targeted by "Venom," she was originally called with soundboards of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Howard Stern, the former's authoritative tone and the latter's perverse and obnoxious humor making them seemingly logical choices. She repeatedly made taunts regarding having a small penis and performing fellatio on a street corner (To claim that someone "Sucks dick on a corner," is a common expression), distributed in between angry retorts about needing a life and bouts of near-hysteria. As the original calls progressed, she gradually sounded further intoxicated, possibly obtaining drinks at the club, due to the stress. At one point, Stern's "Oh, you're gay?!" clip was utilized, to which she replied in a cracked voice reminiscent of someone high, "Mmmm.... I'm bi[sexual]."

Later calls[edit]

Capitalizing on her snide penis size remarks, she was sometime thereafter pranked using a Springfield Pervert soundboard; the only known time AntiVenom used one. Upon hearing the Pervert's "eight inches" boast, she instantly retorted, "if you had an eight-inch dick, you'd be using it instead of calling me!" She would incur additional harassment from the likes of Joe Pesci, Chinaman, Al Pacino, and the Black Guy, sometimes in quick calls as part of a larger rampage style video made by AntiVenom9808 and DragonSanPrankCalls. Particularly in the latter's case, she immediately recognized all calls to be pranks, with the exception of the Black Guy.

Final calls[edit]

Although unclear when a soundboard of The SCB was created, it was first publicly put to the test by "Venom" against the prank caller's most notorious and prolific victim, the Harlem Barber, before ultimately being turned on herself. More typical of female victims, she recognized her own voice, and began panicking. A substantial time afterwards, she briefly was called with a soundboard of Peter Griffin of "Family Guy" fame, at the end of a video consisting of several pranks made with the cartoon character. In it, she asked in a considerably lighter and more amused tone, if the caller was going to put the prank on YouTube again, indicating that she had gained awareness of her presence on the video portal. As with most victims who become aware of the Community and their dissemination of prank calls on YouTube, she was likely tipped off by an informant, whose identity remains anonymous, as per their intentions.

Years later, the SCB's workplace was called on the March 1st 2014 edition of The Kyra and Mobiethian Show in the hopes of speaking to the victim. Kyra briefly spoke to a female employee asking if "Karen" worked there. The employee claimed to be unaware of an employee by that name. Although Kyra used the wrong name, which is actually "Kerri", it appears the SCB is no longer employed at For Your Eyes Only and is consequently lost as a victim.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2009 Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Strip Club & Chinaman calls a Spa AntiVenom9808 Strip Club Bitch Original call is considered lost. [1]
2009 Arnold, Joe Pesci and Howard Stern Call a Strip Club AntiVenom9808 Strip Club Bitch [2]
N/A Chinaman calls a Strip Club Strip Club Bitch Lost call
N/A Springfield Pervert calls a Strip Club Strip Club Bitch Lost call
January 12, 2010 Angry Black Guy calls a Strip Club DragonSanPrankCalls Strip Club Bitch [3]
February 12, 2010 Ripper Roo and Al Pacino call a Strip Club DragonSanPrankCalls Strip Club Bitch [4]
2010 Peter Griffin calls a Strip Club AntiVenom9808 Strip Club Bitch [5]