Stilwell Public Library

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Stilwell Public Library
Stilwell library.JPG
Photograph of the Stilwell Public Library


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Karen the Librarian, Denise (coworker)


5 N 6th St.
Stilwell, Oklahoma

Additional Info

Calls to this location were at the root of the 2008 Duncan Scare

The Public Library in Stilwell, OK, and its manager, Karen, were the subject of a series of Duncan calls in 2008. She eventually recognized Frank Garrett and Duncan Construction as a local business and took the matter to the police. She is now well aware of the prank calling community and no longer responds to prank calls.

In addition to Karen, there is at least one other full-time librarian who works there named Denise, who answered the phone in a couple of the calls. After telling the prankster (who she believed was the real Frank Garrett) that charges were being filed against him over the harassment, she handed the phone off to Karen.

Another female employee named Eva also works there and in a recent call, was asked for her reaction to Frank Garrett's death. She stated that she had seen his obituary in the newspaper, but did not know him personally.

In some recent calls, yet another female employee named Gloria has answered the phone.

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