Stilwell, Oklahoma

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Stilwell, Oklahoma
Welcome sign at entrance of town


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Duncan, Charles, Karen the Librarian, Redneck Teen, Homer and Billye Scott, Stilwell Grandma, Cock Inspector


Adair County, Oklahoma USA


3,275 (2000 census)

Additional Info

named for Arthur Stilwell, founder of Kansas City Southern Railroad

Stilwell, Oklahoma is the county seat of Adair County, Oklahoma in the United States. Located about 90 miles southeast of Tulsa, it is known by the self-proclaimed title, "Strawberry Capital of the World" and was named for Arthur Stilwell, the philanthropist and founder of the Kansas City Southern Railroad. It is a small town and at the time of the 2000 census, had just over 3,000 residents.

Arguably, Stilwell is best known (at least among members of the prank calling community) as having been the home of the most famous prank call victim of all time, Frank "Duncan" Garrett (who was also born there). It was also the location of his pole barn building business, Duncan Construction.

Calls made to the Stilwell Public Library and its manager Karen George with the Duncan soundboard were at the heart of the 2008 Duncan Scare. Karen apparently knew who Frank was and recognized the name Duncan Construction as a local company and called the police. Word tends to spread quickly in small towns and as a result of this incident and others, many residents and businesspeople of Stilwell are aware of the Prank Calling Community and the harassment endured by Frank Garrett, and most have been the recipients of multiple calls themselves. This has also caused Stilwell to be known in many internet circles as the "Prank Call Capital of the World", in mockery of its self-proclaimed strawberry title.

In 2009, an uploader who calls himself "paybacksrhell", who allegedly lives near Stilwell and claimed he was personally acquainted with Frank Garrett, posted a series of tour videos on YouTube, showing many of the locations in town which have been the target of prank calls, such as A to Z Pawn Incorporated and the Stilwell Public Library, among others. In the final video, an actual photograph of Frank himself (taken clandestinely), as well as the home he lived in, were finally revealed to the world.

Notable Locations and Victims in Stilwell[edit]

Name Image Caller First call Last call Comments
Charles L 25a4232d6f8b4368b918600aae61bc6a.jpg Y2Jericho 2008 December, 2011[1] Now former employee at the A to Z Pawn Incorporated.[2]
Cock Inspector 000089-opt.jpg daeHkiD
December 29, 2012[3] July 15, 2013[4] Local resident. He passed away on July 10, 2014.
Colleen Coll.png Pranksandthat 2008[5] Owner of Everything Nice Flowers and More.
Frank Garrett Frank1.jpg w3baholicX 2007 June, 2011 Owner of Duncan Construction, Frank's pole barn building business, as well as Backstreet Liquor until 2003. He passed away on July 3, 2011.
Homer and Billye Scott Homer and Billye horizontal.png TheGoldenPhone
August 2010 June 11, 2013[6] Acquaintances of Frank Garrett.
Karen the Librarian Librarian.jpg SoCalCoaster
2008 April 28, 2013[7] Head librarian at the Stilwell Public Library.
Redneck Teen RedneckTeen.png xXVideoPersonXx 2008 Local teenager.
Stilwell Grandma StilwellGrandma.png CommandoRunningMan August 19, 2012[8] July 4, 2013[9] Local elderly woman.
Willy Wanda WW.png Pranktz December 15, 2012[10] July 4, 2013[11] Local elderly woman.
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