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Steven Nowlander (Woo LuLu) is an enemy of the soundboard community. Regarding one of PranksAreUs84's channel updates regarding the Walsh Call Saga on YouTube, he called all soundboard callers "silenced cowards". The video was taken down due to being a channel update, but PranksAreUs84 saved the private Messages.

Discussion (NOTE: 1st Dialogue from Steve isn't 100% accurate, just an estimation):

Steve: ....Walsh barely makes money and you are just ruining things for him even more. You and the prank callers are just need to disappear again.

PAU84: If i need to disappear, why did you search up Little India Grill? If i'm such a loser, let me waste my time. You're as much of a loser as i am if you need to try to "Regulate" me or whatever it is you're trying to do, but guess what pal. you fail.

Steve: ive failed tell that to all the rest of the silenced cowards. heres u a tip, save backups....

PAU84: I did bitch ass nigga. :D But you just dont realize. Walsh makes good money you idiot. The little india district of his city makes bank dawg. He's been around since the 90's. So get your facts straight, and guess what? I'll just block you. Make a new acc if you wanna keep fighting

It is a possibility that this channel is just a troll/spam account, since there is absolutely no channel activity at all.

This user last used the name Thomas Walker as his youtube page. He no longer trolls Youtube due to having his computer stolen by another prankster.

His channel can be found here:

This stupid emo kid who works on the log ride and wears his skinny jeans too tight left his potential IP addresses open for all the community to see. Have fun. Its and