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Steve Mackabe
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Steve "Two Phones" Mackabe (alternatively spelled Macabee; also known as Guy Looking For Frank) is a fictional character from the sketch comedy program The Kids in the Hall performed by Dave Foley.

The character appeared in the memorable fourth season sketch "Looking For Frank" in which Mackabe mistakenly calls a wrong number and harrasses an innocent men while looking for his friend "Frank".[1][2] Coincidentally, many soundboard calls share this same premise which may be one of the reasons why a soundboard was created for the character.


  • "Oh hi, is Frank there?"
  • "Oh jeez. Is this 555-6767?"
  • "Gee I find that hard to believe. See, I never make a mistake with numbers (abruptly) so I'm forced to assume you're lying. Put Frank on!"
  • "Look buddy, you better put Frank on the phone right now, okay?"
  • "Listen! What you're selling I ain't buying! So put Frank on the phone right now or I'm gonna-"
  • "Listen Sonny Jim! If you don't put Frank on the phone right now I'm gonna call the cops. IN FACT, I am dialing the police right now as we speak."
  • "Okay. You wanna know how I can be talking to you *and* dialing the police? Well I'll tell ya. I've got two phones! That's right pal, you're dealing with Steve "Two Phones" Mackabe! So if you've killed Frank, then just - (breaks down) just tell me what you did with his body, man." (starts crying)
  • "Not good enough. I'm still dialing."
  • "Yeah . . . it's long distance. Yeah, you don't know the meaning of hell till you've dealt with the Tokyo police, pal."
  • "Put Frank on the phone!"
  • "Well it sounds like Frank's voice . . . but I'll tell you what. I'll ask you a question that only the real Frank would know the answer to. In high school, was I a popular kid, or unpopular?"
  • "Frank! You're not dead! (Angrily) How the hell could you take Bonnie from me, you bastard?!"
  • "Look Frank, I don't need to take this from you. I'm going to kill you Frank, y'hear me? You're a dead man Frank, a dead man!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Steve Macabee and Deputy Martin call Duncan Zoltan5616 Duncan [3]


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