Spirit of Truth

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Spirit of Truth
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Spirit of Truth


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Los Angeles, CA

The "Spirit of Truth" was a segment for a televangelist (under the pseudonym Reverend X - credited as Vincent Stewart) who appeared on a program entitled "One Man Show". The program was broadcast on Los Angeles-based Public-access television for five years during the late 1990s. A video of the program was uploaded to YouTube in 2006, and the televangelist's erratic behavior (including frequent swearing and uncontrollable dancing) led to him becoming an Internet phenomenon. A soundboard of the televangelist was made and in use by 2009.


  • "Wuz' happenin'?"
  • "BIATCH!!"
  • "(laughter)"
  • "You fuckin' nincom-fuckin'-poop!"
  • "Cut that bitch off!!"
  • "Stupid ass HOUSE NIGGA!"
  • "I make my ass very available!"
  • "Bitch I'm flowin' straight from the Survivor Scroll!"
  • "I come in the name of Jesus by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Who name you commin' in?"
  • "Like I said, I come in the name of Jesus by the Power of the Holy Spirit."
  • "See da Spirit of God is Omnipotent ... an' it can work on yo ass and be far far away."
  • "You the Devil. Ahaha! You the Devil!"
  • "Then you wrote a book then too then, right?"
  • "You got a book wit blood on it, huh?"
  • "Aha-haa look like the yellow pages!"
  • "Anybody resistin' can ... goddamn my ass ... kissin'."
  • "This ain't - I ain't playing with yo ass. Don't call up and play with me."
  • "I don't give a fuck what you think bitch!"
  • "Shut yo goddamn ass up!"
  • "Next caller!"
  • "Tom! Next caller!"
  • "Ahaa! You killin' me, next caller!"
  • "You got me now!"
  • "You got me rehauinded!" (sic)
  • "You don't like it?"
  • "Kiss my ass you don't like it!"
  • "I can't see you though bitch!"
  • "You see me!"
  • "You fucked up huh? You know yo ass is doomed!"
  • "Fuck that I got a glock ... locked back."
  • "Repeat it after me bitch!"
  • "Are ya laughin' biatch!?"
  • "A man can't be God!"
  • "Black man!"
  • "BUT! I! AM! BIATCH!"
  • "Fuck yo thoughts!"
  • "Motherfucka 'cause I'm God!"
  • "Stupid ass hoe! Ignorant slut!"
  • "God will deal with you as a hoe!"
  • "Goddamn - goddamn blasphemer!"
  • "I'm gettin' naked for you assholes!"
  • "I gotta' keep my muthafuckin shirt on!"
  • "So you muthafuckaz can look at my asshole and see if you can find any sin."
  • "Uh yo give more respect to the Po-Po's huh!"
  • "You believe in God like he just something to wipe yo ass with!"
  • "You slangin' that pussy but it ain't fo God huh bitch?"

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