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SoCalCoaster on his local news

SoCalCoaster‏‎ is a retired American prank caller who was active on YouTube from 2007 to 2009. He was part of the original group of pranksters who began the Duncan prank call series, along with XxVideoPersonxX, w3baholic, Xaozzz, and is the responsible for three of its most popular calls: Black Guy calls Duncan Construction, Boomhauer calls Duncan, and Boomhauer calls Duncan Again. In 2008, he and Xaozzz discovered another infamous Stilwell resident - Karen the Librarian. That same year, he and xaozzz discovered the Jackass Plumber.

He also participated in the early calls to Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer with Xaozzz and Zarkrell, their calls considered classics of the Duncan-era,[1] and designed the first soundboard. The Tom soundboard was subsequently used on Tom himself to create several more classic quotes, such as: "I don't call you, you asshole, you call me!" and, after asking "Tom" if the pranksters were calling him, too, "Somebody must be calling me and you, somehow, on the same fuckin' number."

SoCalCoaster was among the many pranksters affected by the 2008 Duncan Scare and deleted all his soundboard calls. This included the first-ever call to the Jackass Plumber, however, because the calls are considered lost the second calls made by Xaozzz are regarded as the first "official" calls.[2] As a result of the incident, very few, if any, of his calls still exist. SoCalCoaster's YouTube account was eventually terminated (non-prank related) in early-2009.

SoCalCoaster returned a week after his first YouTube channel was terminated under the slightly modified channel name SoCalCoaster521. While he has retired from prank calling, he remains active as a fan, a viewer and a contributor to the prank calling community, whether it be ideas for new calls, soundboards, creation of soundboards, or just commenting on prank videos on YouTube and continuing discussion within the community. He currently has a varied focus on his channel, uploading a variety of videos ranging anywhere from product reviews and unboxings (video games, models, toys, technology and more), timelapses, theme park videos, travel and the occasional vlog.

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
N/A Black Guy calls Duncan Construction Black Guy Duncan Lost call
N/A Boomhauer calls Duncan Boomhauer Duncan Lost call
N/A Boomhauer calls Duncan Again Boomhauer Duncan
2007 George W. Bush calls Tom The Pissed Off Roofer George W. Bush Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer 2:04 [3]
2008 Duncan calls The Library Duncan Karen the Librarian Lost call
2008 Duncan calls a Jackass Plumber Duncan Jackass Plumber 10:00 Lost call [2]


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  3. George W. Bush calls Tom The Pissed Off Roofer on YouTube

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