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TheGoldenPhone's depiction of the Smoker


Prank Call "Victim", Soundboard




Has a unique voice, that sounds damaged; unlikely to be implicitly or explicitly prejudiced due to his laid-back use of his racial insults.

The Smoker was on the receiving end of a prank call by a "Rick the Mullet Man" soundboard. The prank was performed by TheGoldenPhone2 and is notably different from most prank calls in that the victim was not even offended and just made fun of the caller's sanity and made some light-hearted racial slurs about his mother.

In fact, the "Smoker" seemed to enjoy the call as free entertainment. At the end of the call, "Duncan" calls him back to have fun with him some more, continuing the Smoker's free entertainment.

The name "Smoker" comes from the fact that his voice sounds damaged due to some activity such as smoking cigarettes; "Rick" comments on this by telling him to smoke some more Marlboro's twice in a row.


The picture used for the Smoker is of the guitarist, Keith Richards, from the band,The Rolling Stones.


Unlike many other prank caller victims who like to use racial slurs anonymously on the phone, the Smoker does not do this with any malice to speak of. The way he speaks these insults is quite laid-back, lacking the hostility of other prank call victims such as Rick for example (who accuses Frank Garrett of voting for Obama in a very antagonistic voice). This laid-back approach the smoker takes in anonymity, makes him unlikely to harbor any serious prejudical sentiments. Other than his final sentence at the end of the call, there isn't much that gives a clear indication of any prejudices.[1]


  • "You're fucking crazy I love it."
  • "You must be a Democrat."
  • "You fuckin' idiot, you're an Obama-lookin' motherfucker ain't you."
  • "I love it, you're fuckin' makin' my day I'm laughing my ass off. I can't believe I get this much entertainment and no cover charge."
  • "I'm surprised you made it to 40 you ignorant cocksucker."
  • "You know what, you are making my day, does your mama still fuck niggers? You sound like Obama."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Rick Calls a Smoker TheGoldenPhone2 The Smoker Original call. [2]


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