Sleepy Guy

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Sleepy Guy
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Depiction of the Sleepy Guy


Prank call victim




Sounds possibly in his 40s, though his slurred speech may mean is younger than what he sounds.

The Sleepy Guy is a victim of a Philly Thug prank call made by Thisisdirtwerk in 2008.

Call history[edit]

In the call, Philly Thug calls up a man who has been asleep. Sleepy Guy speaks drowsily and is confused by the sudden call and he is also frustrated because the Philly Thug is constantly inquiring for who he is.

In the second call, the Sleepy Guy is more annoyed with the Philly Thug for calling him up while he was in his bed trying to sleep and the fact that he has to go to work at 5:00. Philly Thug continues to frustrate the man and asks where he is at. The Sleepy Guy sarcastically thanks him for waking him up.

In the third call, the Sleepy Guy explains angrily that it is 3:42 where he is. The Philly Thug continues to prod him and asks "Where you at, bitch?". The Sleepy Guy calls the Philly Thug a cocksucker and tells him not to call again. The Philly Thug threatens to call the police while the Sleepy Guy tries to insult his intelligence and asks him what number he was trying to call. Philly Thug responds: "Josh Bales". Sleepy Guy says that there is no "Josh Bales" where he is and that the Philly Thug has the wrong number. Philly Thug asks him "Why you so young, man?" which utterly confuses the Sleepy Guy. Philly Thug begins to yell at the Sleepy Guy who then calls the Philly Thug a queer, says that he "Ain't called shit!" and tells the Philly Thug to leave him alone.

In the fourth call, the Sleepy Guy threatens to hang up and call the police. Philly Thug continues to cuss, yell and threatens to kill the Sleepy Guy. The Sleepy Guy dismisses the threat as idle and continues to warn that he will call the police.

In the fifth call, The Sleepy Guy aggressively says that he will call the police and calls the Philly Thug a fucking bitch. Philly Thug tells the Sleepy Guy to do some coke when the Sleepy Guy sudden yells "OH MY FUCKING GOD, LEAVE ME ALONE!". The Philly Thug laughs and mocks the Sleepy Guys' anger who then says: "STOP CALLING MY PHONE!".

Currently, there has only been one prank to the Sleepy Guy, and no soundboard made from his voice which, as described, is very drowsy and slurred. He sometimes coughs in the middle of the calls.


  • "Hello..."
  • "What the fuck?"
  • "It is 3:42 over here..."
  • "You woke me all up man, I gotta work at FIVE..."
  • "I am in bed trying to sleep..."
  • "I'm all awake now, thanks alot kid..." (sarcastic tone)
  • "What the FUCK do you want!?"
  • "What fucking difference does it make?" (in reply to Philly Thug asking: Where you at?)
  • "Oh, fuck you cocksucker..."
  • "You fucking queer."
  • "I ain't called shit!"
  • "What..?"
  • "Stop calling my number so I can call the police, you fucking bitch!"
  • "OH MY FUCKING GOD LEAVE ME ALONE!" (Very angry tone)

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
December 15, 2008 Philly Thug Calls Sleepy Guy Thisisdirtwerk Sleepy Guy Original call. [1]