Sgt. Chubick

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Sgt. Chubick
Chillicothe cop.jpg
The actual likeness of Chubick.


Scott Nathan Chubick


Prank Call Victim


Police Lieutenent (Formally Sergeant)


1974 (age 44–45)




Cameron, Missouri


Erin P. Chubick


2 sons (ages 13 and 14)

Sgt. Chubick is a police officer in Chillicothe, Missouri. He was the victim of a Rick the Mullet Man prank call, directed at the Chillicothe, Missouri police department. He took the phone after an employee of the police department picked up the phone and was cussed at and threatened by the soundboard of Rick The Mullet Man. He proceeded to inform the caller that they were speaking to a police department and that he had the caller's number and suggested that they hang up. The call continued for several more minutes. The call eventually led to the caller threatening Chubick with one of Rick's threatening lines. This prompted Chubick to take action, the call eventually led to the caller using the "11216 Burton Street, in Independence, Missouri" Which Chubick then stated he would get in contact with Independence police department and inform them the caller had threatened to shoot him.[1]


Not much is known about Chubick, apart from the fact that he works for the Chillicothe, Missouri police department, although more information has been found about him through the Chillicothe, Missouri police department's website. It was later found that his first name is Scott and that he is 38 years old (December, 2012). Only one call was ever made to him, when the calls were made the Chillicothe police department remains unknown.

On August 31, 2012, Sgt. Scott Chubick suffered minor injuries during a traffic stop when a female driver crashed into the rear of his police cruiser.[2] A month later, Chubick was promoted to a lieutenant.[3]


  • This is Sgt. Chubick at the Chillicothe, Missouri Police Department, you dumbass.
  • Well... You're talking to a police department... And I got your phone number... So I would highly suggest that you hang up and find another number partner... or you're gonna have badges bangin' on your door !
  • Hello?
  • Would you like to know who you're talkin' to?
  • Okay, come on over.
  • Do me a favor, hang up and dial (660) 646-2121.
  • I'm scared... Come see me.
  • You're so bad, whats your name again?
  • If you're so bad gimmie your name!
  • "Frank Garrett"
  • Okay Frank, so whats your birthday... so I can run you through the computer here.
  • You think I'm kidding... But I am totally serious.
  • Whats your birthday, Frank?
  • I'm Going to jail.
  • Well, tell 'em to come on over, so when they see me standing here in my uniform, they'll.. ah, they'll know who we're talking to.
  • Dude... Dude, You have no idea !
  • You are honestly, honestly speaking to a police department in Chillicothe, Missouri.
  • I don't know who you're mad at, or who you're trying to yell at
  • ...But you are truthfully speaking to a police department and i'm going to need your information right now.
  • Oh, now you're talking about shooting a cop?
  • This is all recorded.
  • Well come on up here, 613 Walnut Street, Chillicothe Missouri. Press charges.
  • Okay, I'll get ahold of Independence PD and let them know that you just threatened a police officer and have 'em come see you.
  • My Name is Sgt. Chubick.
  • You REALLY don't comprehend what you're doing, do you?
  • Hello? I'm still here, I am just letting you run off, its all being recorded.
  • I am the police, I don't know who you think I am, I gonna give you a phone number.
  • Who do you... who do you think I am?
  • I thought YOU were Frank Garrett?
  • Hello ? I am here. I just gonna talk now, its all being recorded.
  • You have, you have access to the internet?
  • Okay, look up Chillicothe, Missouri Police Department, get their phone number and call back and ask for Badge Number 4, and when I pick up, you will recognize my voice and you'll know that you've been talking to a cop.
  • Did this number come up on your caller I.D.?
  • Okay, well this is not a mobile phone, this is a police department.
  • This is not a house, this is a police department!
  • What number did you dial sir?
  • That's not a real number.
  • Well, whatever number you're dialing, you're getting the Chillicothe, Missouri Police Department.
  • What you are about to learn about me is that I am going to trace your number and come talk to you.


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