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Sex Beast
Traditional Depiction of the Sex Beast.


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Police Dispatcher



The Sex Beast (sometimes erroneously referred to as as Deviant Dispatcher) is a victim soundboard created in 2017. He is a police station dispatcher that was called by prankster The Candy Phone with the Bail Bondsman soundboard.[1]

Prank History[edit]

When prankster The Candy Phone began his rousing of the Sex Beast, he dialed an undisclosed police station, prepared with an array of some of the most perverted and concerning custom-spliced Bail Bondsman lines to date. The said dispatcher who answered was immediately confronted with the nature of these lines, which were quickly used to establish the request of a sexual liaison with the victim.

The dispatcher briefly acknowledged Bailbondsh' request with sarcasm before frankly dismissing the call, though upon being redialed, he decided to humor the bizarre situation and initiate an extremely salacious dialogue.

The dispatcher then began to lampoon The Bondsman's behavior with lewd, lascivious, and condescending remarks and inquires, covering a wide variety of topics in accordance with what nonsensical things Fred iterated to him. This increasingly humorous conversation continued for several minutes, until the Dispatcher again swiftly dismissed the call in favor of returning to his duties.

Undeterred, the prankster called the station again, now greeted by a more reserved female dispatcher. The prankster executed the use of several customized lines that implied that Fred was currently involved in child sexual abuse. Concerned and confused as to why this heinous scenario was being relayed to the police, she began to pry for a phone number from the caller. She was instead bombarded with offensive sexual requests, of which she sarcastically claimed she would would fulfill if the prankster divulged his phone number. Having far less interest in the ruse, she soon dismissed the call.

Once again, The Candy Phone contacted the station, upon which the Sex Beast responded once more. Another humorously perverted conversation waged on, amassing a plethora of memorable lines from the Dispatcher for imminent soundboard use. He became far more explicit in his responses to Fred, explaining in great detail what activities and choice of vices he would enjoy during a sexual encounter. Unfortunately, the Dispatcher eventually resigned to annoyance with the situation, and briefly mocked the Bondsman before promptly hanging up.

Pressing yet another call, the prankster was greeted by a different female dispatcher who tauntingly offered the line to his victim, who eagerly accepted, and initiated his most extreme dialogue with his harasser. Being asked by the Bondsman if he'd like to have a relationship, he expressed dramatic wishes and yearns for such a relationship with deep sarcasm. Eventually, he began to passively insult Fred, and then attempted to hold the prankster to a promise to cease calling. With no quarter given, the Dispatcher made several irate remarks of the situation and finally ended the call.

Nevertheless, Candy would make one final call to the station, successfully receiving the Sex Beast. This time however, he was armed with the Officer Ed Powell soundboard. This was one of the most prime moments in the history of the aggressively inquisitive board, aligning officer Powell's claims with the Dispatcher's dilemma. Exhibiting a false sense of elation, the Dispatcher explained his heavily distorted side of the story to his assumed law-enforcement college, claiming that his station was purely being harassed by the same possible culprit. But to no avail in attempt to clarify his station's innocence as well as his own, and denied proof that Powell (as Lt. Stevens) was a legitimate officer, the weary Dispatcher discontinued his final exchange with the prankster.

Eventually, his personal number was found. He was called again by Hooch Pandersnatch with soundboards of Hulk Hogan and Manic Cookie Mama. During the latter call, he revealed his knowledge of how a soundboard prank call works, unaware that he was currently talking to a soundboard. He was also later called at home with a soundboard of Casino Larry.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
November 17, 2017 Bail Bondsman's sexy Policesh calls The Candy Phone Sex Beast First call to victim; only call to victim while at work. [2]
May 15, 2018 Calling The Sex Beast: Where Is The Red Onion? // I Don't Even Bake Hooch Pandersnatch Sex Beast [3]
July 10, 2018 QUICKIES: Volume Four Hooch Pandersnatch Sex Beast [4]

[UPDATE MARCH 23 2018]

The Candy Phone's account has been closed. A reupload, courtesy of Fred Schwarz can be heard here.