Sewer Service Man

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Sewer Service Man
Sewer service.jpg
The Golden Phone's depiction of the Sewer Service Man


Presumably a Sewer Service Personnel


Possibly 40-50 years old


Has a deceased mother and does not appreciate jokes made about this fact.

The Sewer Service Man was the victim of a prank call from TheGoldenPhone who was using a Duncan soundboard.[1] The man became extremely upset (and bereaved) after "Duncan" inadvertently brought up his dead mother by asking about the "worms crawling out of her pussy".

Call Progression[edit]

"Duncan" calls up a Sewer Service Man asking about how he is doing in general. The male declares that he is doing "great!" and "Duncan" follows up by asking a non-sequitur question: "What time [do] they close the doors at the nuthouse?" The victim does not understand the question, declaring that the phone connection is of poor quality. ("breaking up") After a second failed attempt to ask the former question, Duncan asks his "trademark" question about worms crawling out of his mother's pussy. The victim seems to take this question with disbelief, replying "I hope not." He asks if the caller would call back in order to clear up any connection issues.

"Duncan" redials the victim, who picks up to declare the name of his business (once again) and "Duncan" asks the potentially offensive question about his mother once more. This upsets the victim who is apparently bereaved over the death of his mother who died two days ago, therefore threatening to break "Duncan's" neck. "Duncan" invited the Service Man to "come see me" which the Service Man was willing to do as long as he had "Duncan's" address. Duncan taunts the victim and the victim retaliates by calling "Duncan" names such as "Redneck" and "Scum of the Earth".

The victim hangs up after The Golden Phone blasts a soundboard airhorn into the phone.


  • "I hope not." (In reply to an inquiry into the "worms crawling out of his mamma's pussy")
  • "Feela' I don't know who your are, but my mother died two days ago..."
  • "...and I-if I could get my hands on you I'd break your GOD-DAMN NECK."
  • "I'm-I'm going to tell you what, you don't know who you're talking to and I'll break you goddamn pencil fucking neck."
  • "You're a pussy, you're a goddamn ignorant redneck pussy!"
  • "Where do you live you stupid fuck, you ignorant Fuck, you are an ignorant fuck, and I'd to goddamn-I'll snap your ass through your fucking throat!"
  • "You stupid goddamn fuck, I'll break your goddamn neck!"
  • "You are a piece of shit scum of the fucking earth, you are the fucking scum of the earth I'm goddamn and if I see you, I'll break your goddamn, you little dick fuck, you-(Interrupted by an airhorn)."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
July 2010 Duncan calls a Sewer Service TheGoldenPhone Sewer Service Man Original call is considered lost. [1]