Seven Eleven Focker

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Seven Eleven Focker
Derangedpranks' Depiction of Seven Eleven Focker


Prank Call Victim


7-11 employee


Concord, New Hampshire


early to-mid 20s





Seven Eleven Focker is a prank call victim who was discovered by Derangedpranks in August 2011. A foreign-sounding (possibly Middle Eastern) young 7-11 employee, he quickly lost his temper when called by Gangsta Girl and The Other Angry Black Guy.[1]

A victim soundboard was created by the prankster, which was hosted on his website, and used in other prank calls leading to the discovery of Laundry Bitch. Shortly afterwards, Derangedpranks called Seven Eleven Focker with a soundboard of his own voice and then with Laundry Bitch.[2]


  • "Hello?"
  • "Ok. I got a question for you, alright?"
  • "What number are you getting called from?"
  • "And what number are you calling back on?"
  • "YOU are calling ME! I'm not fucking callin' YOU!!"
  • "You motherfuckin' son-of-bitch. Our number is (censored). It's not fuckin' my number 212!"
  • "I think you fuckin' crazy and you fuckin' called me! I didn't call you."
  • "You motherfucker!"
  • "Fuck you man!"
  • "You know what? I'm gonna get your ass to sleep, alright?"
  • "You know what? Just wait, like, one hour. I show you fuckin' who the fuck you are!"
  • "Who THE FUCK call your number?!"
  • "You better not fuckin' call MY number! 'Cause this is fuckin' 7-11 convienience store not your fuckin' trash store, ok?"
  • "Dude, it's fuckin' 7-11. You fucking calling me. I didn't call you!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
August 19, 2011 Gangsta Girl Calls A Focker Derangedpranks Seven Eleven Focker Original call. [1]
January 1, 2012 Seven Eleven Focker Rampage Derangedpranks Laundry Bitch [2]


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