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Sergeant Fields
Sgt fields.png
Depiction of Sgt. Fields


Jonathan L. Fields


Police Sergeant


29 (2013)






Kansas City, Missouri

Sergeant Jonathan Fields is a police officer with the Sugar Creek, Missouri Police Department. He was discovered accidentally during the "A Nightmare on Burton Street" in February 2010 when he unexpectedly confronted the pranksters during a call to one of the victims.[1] The Sgt. Fields soundboard is often used by callers as it provides far more detailed information, unlike earlier ones such as Deputy Martin, and usually comes across as more legitimate to victims.

Sergeant Jonathan Fields is in reality a corrupt cop who protects miscreants based on their influence. In one example Fields 'expressed alarm when he learned that the woman, who is unnamed in court papers, was in a holding cell. "Do you know who you have in there?" Fields asked, according to Brooks. Brooks was told that the woman owned a well-known business.  "Make it go away!" Brooks says Fields told him. Brooks shredded the paperwork and, presumably, the driver was released."


  • "My name is Sergeant Jonathan Fields of the Sugar Creek, Missouri Police Department. You got that so far?"
  • "Yeah right now you're talking to a police officer standing inside this room!"
  • "Well SOMEBODY called this phone number because this phone rang and I'm talking to you!"
  • "You're calling this people and threatening them in MY city and I don't particularly appreciate it!"
  • "Don't call this number again!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
February 2010 A Nightmare on Burton Street Part 6 Mr88Nismo
Sgt. Fields Original call. Part of the "A Nightmare on Burton Street" series. [1]
2010 Sergeant Fields calls 7-11 OhFugYew Male victim [2]
2010 Sergeant Fields calls Dan the Motel Owner OhFugYew Dan the Motel Owner [3]
2011 Original calls to Al the Drunk TheGoldenPhone
Drunk Al [4]
October 21, 2011 Scottish Lady and her cop friends call auto repair shops Zamot83 Various [5]
2012 A Cop Calls Bail Bondsman and Sgt. Fields Xaozzz Officer Powell [6]
March 11, 2012 911 Dispatcher Prank Call Honcho321 911 dispatcher [7]
November 10, 2012 Sergeant Fields patrols Sugar Creek Prank Hill Sugar Creek, Missouri [8]


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