Screaming Lawyer

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Screaming Lawyer
SBCallingYew's Depiction of Screaming Lawyer


Prank Call Victim, Soundboard


Claimed to be a Lawyer; Answered Phone with "Alcoholics Anonymous".


Unknown, possibly Early to Mid 30's

The Screaming Lawyer was the victim of a prank call from a Jackass Plumber soundboard. The call was performed by SBCallingYew. The call victim was apparently already annoyed or stressed out, as he reacted quickly to Jackass Plumber's vulgar response to a question about how the victim's day is going. The victim was in no mood for prank calls it seems and seemed like he was venting his frustration to the caller.

After getting the Screaming Lawyer irate, SBCallingYew started using a Pissed-Off Neighbor soundboard to swear at the victim even more, provoking the victim to make more lines.

"Jackass Plumber" returns to the phone after this and provokes the victim with gibberish and lines about stuttering. The victim responds by mocking the gibberish with his own. Eventually, the victim threatens the caller with a phone trace, and by (at least) claiming to be a lawyer.[1]


  • "Here's what I want you to do man: I want you walk outside your fucking door, I want you walk over to your neighbor, I want you punch him in the face, then I want you go to jail, and then I want you get CORNHOLED by the biggest baddest motherfucker in there!"
  • "I'm fucking your sister right now you little bitch!"
  • "You fuckin' cocksuckin' faggot!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Jackass Plumber Calls Screaming Lawyer SBCallingYew Screaming Lawyer Original call. [1]
May 30, 2011 Rick the mullet man and crew calls a douchebag from reno Rawpranks Male victim [2]
August 31, 2011 Calling new indian scammers part 2 Rawpranks Indian Scammers [3]
September 15, 2011 Old prank calls part 1 Rawpranks Chris the Hacker [4]


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