Scared College Girl

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Scared College Girl
The traditional depiction of Scared College Girl.


Prank Call Victim, Soundboard


Probably near or in Columbia, Missouri


Was a college student at the time of the prank [1], other occupations unknown.


Unknown, possibly mid to late 20's

Scared College Girl was the victim of a prank phone call by Nomadcowatbk who was using a Rick the Mullet Man soundboard. She answered an incessantly ringing payphone, and to her surprise, a man answered, threatening to drive down to Independence, Missouri, and blow her away with an AR-15. She explained the fact that she was actually in Columbia, Missouri at the University of Missouri in the library cafe and said that she found the gun threats intense.

She tried to calm "Rick" down, explaining that she was sorry that somebody prank calling "his" phone, and that "he" was making a gun threat to a 22-year-old college girl, when "some other punk" was probably behind the prank phone calls. She considered "him" insane, as "he" was repeating the phrase "Independence, Missouri" in spite of her explaining her actual location. She sarcastically said that she hopes "Rick" and his AR-15 have a great life.

After having a male friend of hers talk trash to "Rick" for some time, Scared College Girl picked up the phone again, only to meet "Deputy Martin" who denied that anybody called their phone. She explained that to her surprise, she answered the pay phone and a man started threatening her with an AR-15. "Rick" made occasional comments to create the illusion that a cop was at "his" house, in response to "his" complaint. They continuously made accusations of calls being made to "Rick's phone".


Later, TheGoldenPhone produced a soundboard from this call, that was eventually used (once so far) in the once-ongoing prank call series to The Yellers. She was used to call Sharon (Mrs. Yeller), to make it appear that "Scared College Girl" was being threatened by "Rick" with his AR-15. The specific call is named "Sharon has no sympathy for the Scared College Girl".[2]


  • "I answered it politely, and I said "hello". The man on the other line, was like "If you don't...'your Hoosier ass does not stop calling my phone, I'm going to drive to Independence, Missouri with an AR-15 and blow you away."" (S.C.G. explaining her situation to "Deputy Martin")
  • "So I sound like Hossier fucker sir?"
  • "So can we take back the threats with the AR-15? Cause' I'm feeling a little endangered right now."
  • "[I] Hope your AR-15 and you have a great fucking life."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Rick and Deputy Martin call payphone at a College Nomadcowatbk Scared College Girl Original call. [1]
N/A Sharon has no sympathy for the Scared College Girl TheGoldenPhone Lady Yeller [2]


Soundboard media[edit]