Rick calls Frank Part 1

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Rick calls Frank Part 1
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Rick calls Frank Part 1 was the first video in a series of prank calls by Mr88Nismo to the late Frank "Duncan" Garrett using the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard. It is noteworthy for having been one of the first calls made after trouble caused by the A Nightmare on Burton Street series of calls to Sugar Creek, Missouri, especially since Frank revealed for the first time that he was aware of the incident and of the use of soundboards, even recognizing one of his own voice.

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[*Phone Rings*]
Rick: I'm gonna come see ya, ya motherfucker. Hello?
Frank: Hello, buddy, I've got a hell of a surprise for ya when you show up.
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: I've got a hell of a surprise for ya when you show up.
Rick: No!
Frank: (imitating Rick mockingly) No!
Rick: Go ahead, dickhead. You want me to get over to Kansas? You want me to come to Kansas, you motherfucker?
Frank: Hell, I'm not in Kansas, but you can come on if you want to.
Rick: California?!
Frank: No, I'm not in California. Take another wild-ass guess, you...Sugar Creek motherfucker, you!
Rick: Independence, Missouri.
Frank: I know where it is.
Frank: I just might come see you!
Rick: No! If that's the way you want it, I'll go make out a report.
Frank: Oh...fuck you. You're not that tough. You're hidin' behind a telephone; you're not very tough.
Rick: FUCK YOU!!!
Frank: Come on down... to my house and see what happens to ya... asshole!
Rick: Alright, give me your address.
Frank: Fuck you, find it! You found my name.
Rick: Yeah! Frank Garrett. Sounds like you been drinkin'.
Frank: *[says nothing, sounds of TV in background]*
Rick: Hello? You need to cool it! Why do you want trouble with the police? Why do you want trouble? Frank! *[sound of air horn blowing]*
Frank: *[still says nothing; more sounds of TV in background]*
Rick: Want---want me to drive down there to Independence?
Frank: Yeah!
Rick: Yeah! Alright, give me your address.
Frank: Fuck you!
Rick: No! Are you a faggot?!
Frank: No, you are.
Rick: Go to bed, you stupid. Hoosier. Motherfucker.
Frank: Pretty hard to live in Missouri and be a Hoosier.
Rick: Yeah! Go smoke another Marlboro! Is that all you can say, Frank?! You got nothing else to say but "you stupid cocksucker?!!" Is that all you can fucking...keep repeating and saying?!
Frank: That's all... it depends on who I'm talkin' to, you goddamn idiot!
Rick: It's Rick. I got your whole fuckin' spiel down! I got your background check - fuck, what you owe on your fuckin' shit! I know---!
Frank: Who gives a shit? Bring it on and come see me!
Rick: We'll meet in Kansas City, then, motherfucker. I'm gonna come see ya, ya motherfucker.
Frank: Hey, that'll be great! Have I got a surprise for you when you do!
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: (imitating Rick mockingly) WHAT?! You heard me, you [unintelligible] son of a bitch, you.
Rick: Hey, look--- Hey, look, you dickless piece of fuckin' shit! I'm gonna ride up there to fuckin' Independence, and I'm gonna blow your fuckin' ass away! You got that, you motherfucker?!
Frank: Sure ya are! Sure ya are! You're gonna hide behind an unknown telephone number, and you gonna talk all kinda shit that you can think of.
Rick: Yeah!
Frank: You ain't gonna do anything; you're a big fuckin' coward or you wouldn't be hidin' behind a telephone.
Rick: What, do you want a shoot-out with the cops? Are you suicidal?
Frank: I don't give a fuck what you do!
Frank: What's he got to do with mine and your conversation?
Rick: FUCK YOU!!!
Frank: That's what I thought, fuck you. (imitating Rick mockingly)
Rick: You called me, sir!
Frank: No, I didn't, you...unknown son of a bitch, you...showed up on...my caller ID.
Rick: You've called here a dozen times.
Frank: No, I haven't call ya. You called me, Unknown.
Rick: No! It's Rick.
Frank: (Imitating Rick, again) No!
Rick: You told me your name last night!
Frank: I didn't talk to ya last night, you silly son of a bitch.
Rick: Yeah! How old are you?
Frank: I'm about...a hundred and twenty.
Rick: SEVENTY-TWO?! Why don't you put that whore on the phone again to cuss out my wife, you son of a bitch?!
Frank: Why don't you, uhh... come see me?
Rick: Alright, give me your address.
Frank: (imitating Rick mockingly) Alright give me your add--- I'm not givin' ya the fucking address! If you're smart enough to find my name, you oughtta find my address!
Rick: Go ahead, dickhead! Why do you want trouble? I'm tell ya right now, you're gonna go to jail for this.
Frank: Oh, fuck you.
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: FUCK YOU! You understand that??
Duncan Soundboard: You don't tell me what to do!
Frank: I don't want to tell ya, you... stupid motherfucker.
Duncan Soundboard: I'm on here!
Frank: Get off the telephone, and quit dialin' my number.
Duncan Soundboard: Hey, has your momma still got, uhh... worms, crawlin' out her pussy?
Frank: N'yah nyah n'yah n'yah n'yah n'yah! You can't even think of somethin' original to say, can ya?
Duncan Soundboard: Yes. You are one stupid son of a bitch! HELLO?!
Frank: Hello! So you got you a soundboard, eh? Ain't that cool.(See the note below)
Duncan Soundboard: Oh, you nigger-lickin' son of a bitch, you!
Frank: Ain't that cool! You got a soundboard. Greattt deal.
Duncan Soundboard: Yeah! Oh, yeah! You get my telephone number, why don't ya come down and see me?
Frank: You can do that, you know where I live. Come get me.
Rick: Hello? Yeah! You want me to get over to Kansas? You want me to come to Kansas, you motherfucker?
Frank: Come on.
Rick: Yeah!
Frank: Come on to Kansas.
Rick: Don't you think they're gonna stop you from doing this silly fuckin'... nonsense at your fuckin' age?!
Frank: At my age, a-hell! There might be a house full of youngsters around here.
Rick: Yeah! I never called you, ever.
Frank: The fuck you haven't! What are you doin' talkin' to me? I don't even know who you... who you are... and I don't even really give a shit!
Rick: I've had four prank phone calls comin' from that house, to here!
Frank: But see, my number don't... show up "unknown".
Frank: I'm not scared.
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: I'm not scared.
Rick: Nobody called ya, you drunk old fuckin' Hoosier! Nobody is botherin' you.
Frank: You did.
Rick: No! You called me, sir!
Frank: [unintelligible]...unknown number.
Rick: You called me, sir!
Frank: No, I didn't call ya.
Rick: You need to lose my number, you don't need to be calling here no more.
Frank: [mocking gibberish] Damn, you can't even talk right!
Rick: WHAT?!
Frank: What do you want to say? Speak up, goddamnit.
Rick: Why don't you put your unavailable off, and I'll kick your fuckin' ass?!
Frank: Yeah! I'll bet you would!
Rick: Yeah!
Frank: Yeah! Come get it!
Rick: When you go to fuckin' jail... for harassin' people, you're not gonna get any fuckin' Marlboros or any fuckin' beer. Do you got that, you stupid son of a bitch?
Frank: Waaaah! You know, you ain't said two words that weren't... vulgar or cuss words. You're pretty...
Rick: *[laughs]*
Frank: I'll bet you're a smart son of a bitch, aren't ya?
Rick: Yeah!
Frank: I can tell. IQ of about twenty-five.
Rick: You know what? When they get ya to jail, they're gonna help ya and straighten your ass out.
Frank: (sarcastically) Wooooooh! Scare me to death.
Rick: Sounds like you been drinkin'. Hello?
Frank: Well, come on over to Kansas and put me in jail, would ya?
Rick: Sounds like you been drinkin'.
Frank: And in the meantime, you oughtta go to school! [unintelligible]
Rick: Oh, you gonna come see me?! You don't have to come see me, motherfucker. Me and the police are going to come see YOU!
Frank: Get it, delinquent! Get it on.
Rick: What do you want?
Frank: *[says nothing; dog yips in background]*
Rick: *[laughs]*
Frank: Get 'em, Retardo!
Rick: *[laughs]*
[*End of Call*]


­­1. Although this is Duncan's first-ever acknowledgement of a soundboard, the manner in which he speaks of it would seem to reflect the opinion of several prank callers on the original video upload, namely that Duncan believed Rick was real, and that "he" was using a soundboard in the midst of harassing Frank..

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