Richard and Sal

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Richard and Sal
Sal and Richard


Prank callers

Full names

Thomas Richard Christy and Salvatore Governale


Radio personalities for The Howard Stern Show


April 1, 1974 (Richard), October 8, 1969 (Sal)


45 (Richard), 49 (Sal)




New York City area

Richard Christy and Sal Governale are radio personalities on The Howard Stern Show who often make prank calls using various voices as well as soundboard prank calls. Although they occasionally work seperately, they most often work together, often tag-teaming on prank calls on multiple lines. Outside their soundboard prank calls, they have become most famous for their prank calls to public access cable shows and "tradio" shows. The soundboards they use often come from guests and regulars of The Howard Stern Show but occasionally are taken from celebrities voices.

Many of their prank calls have become infamous throughout the soundboard prank call community because of the quality and lolz value of the calls and are readily available on YouTube. The duo have been become so famous that, at least on one occasion, a victim believed that Richard and Sal were behind a phone call they were received. In one of the original Duncan prank calls made by Xaozzz in which Duncan calls a detox center, the employee who answers the phone, after being cussed at by Duncan, asks, "Is Richard and Sal there?" and "Can I talk to Sal or Richard?"

Prank calls made[edit]