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Rich the Prick
Traditional depiction of Rich the Prick


Richard "Rich" Warner


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard




Unknown; possibly 30's or 40's











Rich the Prick is a prank-call victim from Pennsylvania, discovered during a prank-call rampage with the Random Asshole dubbed “The Random Assault.[1] A notorious pill popper in his city, Rich is known to scam people. It is clear that Rich is a very violent, threatening, short-tempered, bigoted, and somewhat goofy individual. He lives in the same town as the Raging Dispatcher. He has become an increasingly popular soundboard.

Call history[edit]

Rich was called first with soundboards of the Random Asshole, Philly Thug, and Rick the Mullet Man. During the first call, Rich had more fun with the callers than anything else. During the second call (with the Random Asshole and Rick again), Rich shows his violent side much more, apparently believing the call to be authentic this time around, until Rick enters the call, with his AR-15 line. Rich shined when he was called with a soundboard of the Yankee Tough Guy; being called back multiple times. Rich is represented with a picture of stand-up comedian Rich Hall.


  • "Your mother's a fuckin' nigger and your father's fuckin' a half-breed, and that makes you fuckin' trash, mother-fucker!"
  • "Balls rubbing against mommy's chin! Fuck, that's how you were born, I was rubbing by hairy nuts on your mother's chin. You're probably looking for your daddy, ain't ya?"
  • "Fuck your mother and fuck you too!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Original Calls To Rich The Prick TehPrankCaller Rich the Prick Original call. [1]
N/A Full Blown Harassment TehPrankCaller Male victim [2]
N/A Cross Country Harassment MA TehPrankCaller [3]
December 4, 2010 Rich the Prick calls payphone near the bar Nomadcowatbk Various [4]
December 5, 2010 Rich the Prick calls a Youngster PrankBizkit Male victim [5]
May 30, 2011 Rick the Mullet Man and crew calls a Douchebag from Reno Rawpranks Male victim [6]
May 30, 2011 Rick the Mullet Man and crew calls a Douchebag from Reno, Part 2 Rawpranks Male victim [7]
June 1, 2011 Rich The Prick & Rick call a Hoosier Beyondddddddd Male victim [8]
June 1, 2011 Calling back the trailer trash couple Rawpanks Couple [9]
June 4, 2011 Rich the Prick calls high school payphone Nomadcowatbk Various [10]
July 17, 2011 Castle Motel Pt. 8 (Dont Call Here No Mo!) WorldClassPrankster Castle Motel [11]
July 30, 2011 Random Asshole & Rich The Prick calls PCPlanet247 Beyondddddddd Male victim [12]
August 14, 2011 Rich gets Pissed TheBigBlackGuy1 Female victims [13]
September 23, 2011 Checking up on the indian scammers Rawpranks Indian Scammers [14]
June 10, 2012 Rich the Prick call The Angry African Rawpranks Angry African [15]
June 12, 2012 Rich the Prick and IBM Play GTA IV (Xbox Live Soundboard Prank) GTAIVman Various This was an Xbox Live call. [16]
June 19, 2012 Calling a redneck jackass Rawpranks Male victim [17]



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