Retarded Sheriff

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Retarded Sheriff
Traditional depiction of the Retarded Sheriff


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard










At least 1 daughter

The Retarded Sheriff is a constituent of the Short Term Memory Loss (STML) Mother and Daughter duo.[1] She receives her name from her false assertion that she is a county sheriff at a police station.[2][3]

Virtually all her calls were lost when the original prankster, Flazz684, closed his YouTube account. Her soundboard is rarely used because of this, however, she was used in a October 2012 call by Kaptaintrips to discover Fugitive Recovery Agent.[4]

The original call remained lost for over two years. It was finally reuploaded in October 2013 by soundboard archivist TheZodiacz along with another lost call made by AfghaNPranksteR in 2011.


Initial call[edit]

The Retarded Sheriff, as she later came to be known, is the mom in the STML duo and was the first victim of the two to be called. She was pranked briefly by Brian, and subsequently by Phuckboy for the remaining duration of the call. Her young daughter is nearly as foul-mouthed as herself.[5]

Subsequent consecutive calls[edit]

About a month later, she was called by the Just Got In To Work Lady (billed as the Psychotic Lady). This call helped secure most of the lines for her forthcoming soundboard.[6] The daughter uses more expletives than her mother, who prefers to employ inventive vulgar threats and assertions.

Her residence was called within the same month with her own soundboard, which spoke first to her daughter. The daughter handed the phone to the Retarded Sheriff, whom instantly recognized her voice, telling her daughter "They're playing back my shit."[7]

Not long after the second set of calls, she was visited by Epic Crazy Lady, whom she instantly went off on. She then handed the phone to a young black child, perhaps a friend of her daughter's, who answered the phone next. The Retarded Sheriff was later called by a soundboard of ChrisV420. She later put the young black boy on the phone after hanging up on him twice after a brief response.[8]

Recent calls[edit]

The next (and currently most recent) prank call to the Retarded Sheriff was made two months later, where she spoke to both the Confused Mexican and Deputy Martin, though was not particularly talkative.[9] The young black boy could once again be heard in the background.[10]


  • "Who's this?"
  • (sudden breath intake) "I ain't call you, BITCH!"
  • "Uh sir, ur ma'am, this is the county sheriff's department..."
  • "Well look..., why don't you just stick your dildo in your ass, and wait for the po-lice to get there and remove it."
  • "Look, I haven't called your fucking number, bitch!"
  • "Yeah, I really got a dick when I got a pussy between my legs."
  • You're probably gay and fuck yourself up the ass."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
December 19, 2010 Brian & Phuckboy call a short term memory loss mother and daughter Flazz684 Retarded Sheriff Original call. [1]
February 10, 2011 Retarded Sheriff & her deputy call a confused Oklahoma couple Duncan and Retarded Sheriff Couple [11]
October 3, 2012 Retarded Sheriff vs. Fugitive Recovery Agent Kaptaintrips Fugitive Recovery Agent [4]