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Respected Gentleman
Actual likeness of The Respected Gentleman


Prank Call Victim


Retired chartered accountant/Bed and Breakfast owner


Cumbria, England


1948 (age 70–71)

The Respected Gentleman (real name: David Maloney) was a retired chartered accountant and a very well-respected individual living in Cumbria, in the north of England.


He was first called by a chap in Oklahoma in 2012[1] and has since gotten calls from people in America (and various places in the world) who think he's made a call to them. He has tried explaining the situation to the British Telecom service, but they seem not to be able to do anything about it at all.

As of December 9, 2012, the Respected Gentleman is aware of the Soundboard Prank Calling Community having been informed of the YouTube series by an anonymous source.[2] His understanding of the calls, however, appears to be limited. He still appears to be unaware of the use of soundboards, and believes that he is being conference called.[3]

Ever since the Respected Gentleman became a new favourite of the Soundboard Prank Calling Community, video parodies and songs have appeared online, including the Chasing the Brendan - Respected Gentleman Rap which he got to hear in a call made to him.

Soundboard related reviews of his hotel, have also surfaced in many hotel review internet websites, but since most of these websites actually send the reviews to the regarding hotel manager, after reading them, the Respected Gentleman quickly asks for them to be deleted, so they most likely disappear after a few days.


Legitimate reviews by real guests, however, consistently state that the Respected Gentleman is "very rude" in person and can't be bothered to do anything, when asked.

As of November, 2014, the Respected Gentleman is retiring and selling the Brendan chase.[4] It is likely that the pranks that are found when googling the business name are causing people to not buy the business.

On January 1st, 2016, The Phantom Dialer, along with Jack Inoff, staged a mass conference call with the local constables. Convincing the dispatcher to believe that a hacker had tapped into their line, and as a result proceeded to send a patrol unit out to the Brendan Chase. The Respected Gentleman has yet to react to this incident.[5]

In May, 2017, Crankman104 passed on concerns that the Respected Gentleman was suffering with his mobility, and needed Adult Social Care to help him. They were given two references to complete their assessment; His butchers, and coffee suppliers.

In March 2019, PuremadnessmannPure reignited the golden age of sounboard prank calls by managing to convince the Respected Gentleman's neighbor that the Welsh Chief[6] soundboard was in fact David Maloney of the Brendan Chase.[7] The confusion escalated when a voice call is placed to the same neighbour (with the callers voice disguised with a voice distorter) to consult RG's neighbor Peter about David Maloney's strange behaviour. A few days later another call was posted where this neighbour was conferenced with the real Respected Gentleman,[8] discussing with the prank caller his belief that the Respected Gentleman has lost his mind.

In Setember 30, 2019 the Respected Gentleman was pronouced dead due to complications from alzeimers decease that he’s been suffering from the last couple of years. Friends and familie declared he had a peacefull pass at an non disclosed NHS hospital.

The Hotel Inspector[edit]

The Respected Gentleman, and his bed & breakfast, the Brendan Chase, were featured on the British documentary television series The Hotel Inspector which aired on May 9, 2011. The episode was one of the more popular in the series, being watched by over 1.7 million viewers, though it was not brought to the attention of the prank call community until December 2012. The program followed host Alex Polizzi as she toured the United Kingdom in search of the worst hotels in the country seeking to improve them, not unlike chef Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell. The episode in question showed the interior of the Brendan Chase, rated a 3-star hotel, as well as details on his background.[9]


  • "Hello?"
  • "WOT?!"
  • "Good evening."
  • "The Brendan Chase, good evening."
  • "I am a very well-respected individual."
  • "How DARE you speak to me like that!?"
  • "My telephone has just rung, and I've picked it up."
  • "My telephone has just RUNG, and I've picked it up. I'm repeating myself."
  • "In Oklahoma!?"
  • "...(sigh)..."
  • "(sigh) Oh God..."
  • "You.. filthy mouth..!"
  • "You know.. I mean.. you're American, aren't you?"
  • There is somebody else on the line now. Ohh.. I can't believe this..!"
  • "See me where?!"
  • "You've met me?! Where?!"
  • "Yes exactly."
  • "It's just a mistake."
  • "I beg your pardon?"
  • "Are you this chap in Oklahoma?"
  • "Can you hear me clearly now?"
  • "I know it is very strange, yes."
  • "You are deeply offensive, sir."
  • "I haven't dialed you!"
  • "Look. I have not called you. Don't you understand this? I have not called you."
  • "I have no idea who you are, I have no idea where you are and I have not made a telephone call."
  • "I am sitting here and I'm getting - my, my telephone is ringing and I'm finding that I'm talking to people in America who think I've made a call to them."
  • "I'm getting telephone calls basically from various places in the world. Ok? I'm getting other, other people into the telephone, into the call."
  • "Would it be possible; I will give you my telephone number, okay, and I will ask you to give me your telephone number, and we'll see if we can't get this sorted out."
  • "I simply picked up the telephone because my telephone rang."
  • "No, no, no. I haven't called you. I've been here watching the television and you've just called me."
  • "Don't you.. You're an 85-year-old woman and you're swearing at me. You're absolutely disgusting! That's absolutely disgusting!"
  • "I am not calling you."
  • "I've been in touch with the British Telecom Service and they seem not to be able to do anything about it at all."
  • "I'm a retired chartered accountant."
  • "Where are you based?"
  • "I'm in Cumbria."
  • "What? Who?"
  • "I'm living in the Lake District of the United Kingdom."
  • "I know where Chattanooga is, yes."
  • "Goodnight."
  • "...I said GOODNIGHT!"
  • "Can I ask a favour, please?"
  • "Well I'm sorry you're being troubled but so have I!"
  • "I'm not an idiot. I am NOT calling you! And how DARE you speak to me like that!!"
  • "Don't you understand English?"
  • "Don't you understand what I'm saying to you?"
  • "Do you understand what I'm saying to you?"
  • "Stop swearing down the phone at me otherwise I'll come down there and... s-stuff something up you."
  • "No, I'm not on drugs."
  • "You need your mouth washing out!"

Edited Quotes[edit]

  • "Would it be possible; I will give you my drugs, okay, and I will ask you to give me your drugs."
  • "I am sitting here, relaxing, on drugs."
  • "In fact, I have extraordinary good machines that make drugs."
  • "I am Doctor Chatanooga!"
  • "I am a very well respected Doctor."
  • "I'm sorry you've been disturbed, I was in bed with a British Sir and a Gentleman from Oklahoma this afternoon."
  • "Every time I try to get this extraordinary drug in the Lake District of England, there's a fault. I have no idea why"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2012 Fun with the Respected Gentleman L00n3yTube Respected Gentleman Original call. [1]
November 28, 2012 Mystery Man causes deep offence L00n3yTube Respected Gentleman [10]
December 2, 2012 Respected UK Gentleman Calls Some Mexican Restaurants Puremadnessmann Various [11]
December 4, 2012 Respected Gentleman 'calls' BT Nuisance call advice L00n3yTube British Telecom [12]
December 4, 2012 Co-Op bank lady calls the Respected Gentleman L00n3yTube Respected Gentleman [13]
December 4, 2012 Respected Gentleman Calls Himself Puremadnessmann Respected Gentleman [14]
December 7, 2012 Respected Gentleman (Stilwell Grandma & Mystery Man) Puremadnessmann Respected Gentleman [15]
December 7, 2012 Respected Gentleman & Silly Fag Harrass Telemarketers Sir Cranksalot Male victim [16]
December 8, 2012 HillBilly Wife and Mike meet the Respected Gentleman MrPrankGarrett Respected Gentleman [17]
December 8, 2012 Respected Gentleman (IBM + Chinaman) Puremadnessmann Respected Gentleman [18]
December 8, 2012 Soliciting Hookers Prank Hill Female victims [19]
December 8, 2012 Scottish Lady calls the Respected Gentleman L00n3yTube Respected Gentleman [20]
December 9, 2012 (Respected Gentleman) - Calls Several Guest Houses Near Him (1 AM) Puremadnessmann Respected Gentleman [21]
December 9, 2012 The Respected Gentleman susses the prank callers L00n3yTube Respected Gentleman [2]
December 31, 2012 The end of Bail Bondsman Games Pranktz Respected Gentleman [3]
January 7, 2013 All star calls Pranktz Respected Gentleman [22]


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