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Report The Fault Bloke
Rtf bloke.jpg
Report The Fault Bloke depicted as online Scottish news reporter Andy McLaren




Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Holiday park staff (Trossachs Holiday Park)



Report The Fault Bloke (also known as RTF Bloke) is a worker at Trossachs Holiday Park in Scotland, UK. He became a victim sometime in early 2012 when he was called by L00n3yTube using the Duncan soundboard. He became frustrated with Duncan's repeated calls saying that he had been called by the RTF Bloke, stating that it was "a fault on the line". Eventually Duncan's foul language and aggressive attitude caused him to break down and become more aggressive, repeatedly telling Duncan to "report the fault", hence his soundboard name.

He is very similar to Respected Gentleman with both victims being British and having very similar lines about them not making any phone calls, blaming it on the telephone lines and mentioning complaints sent to British Telecom, as well as remarks about receiving calls from Americans.


  • "There's a fault on the line that makes it sound like we're making calls"
  • "This is a fault on the line, GET OFF THE BLOODY LINE!"
  • "Report the fault! Report.. the fault!"
  • "Hi Kevin how are you doing?"
  • "I've got some American on the other end of the phone calling me a cock sucking wanker all the time"
  • "Not even Americans are that stupid!"
  • "I've got a job mate, I work in a holiday park"
  • "You're a nice bloke aren't ya?"
  • "You can't be that stupid mate"



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