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As featured on Howard Stern,[1] Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS, Relay Service, or IP-Relay) operators have become victims of prank calls facilitated by a prank caller and vocally maintained by soundboards.[2]


While the service is intended for the hearing impaired, it has become an insignificant target of prank callers. Its operators are required to type everything the caller types (directed towards the presumably hearing-impaired) as well as what the presumably deaf person types for the IP-Relay operator to say back to the non-deaf individual. The point of the service is to allow the deaf to be able to have regular telephone conversations (which are by virtue uncensored[3]), though vicariously through the IP-Relay operator. Operators will say essentially anything, and have been included in conference calls to places such as DatBoys and Alcoholics Anonymous.[4] The operators, most of whom are Manilan women and men, have been set up to repeat crude and vulgar nonsensical babble, racial and homophobic slurs, blasphemous remarks, and self-demeaning phrases. Operators are frequently brought into a single call by two people (or perhaps two accounts) using the service, and thus speak to each other.[5][6][7]


  • Male & Female operators: Go ahead.
  • Female operator: I'm just a little whore, a little bitch, pimping my ass."
  • Female operator: You're a chank [sic].
  • Male operator: What do, by boobies.
  • Male operator: You're a fucking liar.