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Redneck Teen
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Stilwell, Oklahoma

The Redneck Teen is a teenager residing somewhere in Stilwell, Oklahoma who was victim to a prank call by xXVideoPersonXx who was using a soundboard of Duncan. During this call he angrily threatens Duncan several times, usually threats regarding how he’ll "shove his shotgun up his ass."[1] The Redneck Teen is apparently the son of Thomas Wilson, who was mentioned in a call to Charles from A to Z Pawn, the latter believing him to be a possible suspect concerning the identity of the individual(s) prank calling his business.

In August 2013, YouTube user and prankster Billybob James introduced a new soundboard of the Redneck Teen[2], the original having been lost years before, and has since used it on at least one victim.

Althoug the Redneck Teen is thought to still be a juvenile, he demonstrates a remarkable grasp of the English language, particularly with imaginative yet profanity-laden insults.


  • "Uh, I hope you know, you dumb shit...retarded as shit, I got a tracer on my phone and the more you talk, the more information I get about your name, your number, your address and everything else, buddy. And guess what? The Stilwell Police Department's already all over your fucking ass, you cunt-lickin', queer-ass bastard!"
  • "And as soon as the police department give me your name, I'm gonna come to your house and I'm gonna shove my shotgun so far up your ass and blow the top of your fucking head off, you pussy motherfucker!!!"
  • "I don't give a fuck if you give a shit or not, but this tracer right here is givin' me your goddamn address, buddy!" (re: Duncan: "Well I don't give a shit.")
  • "Why don't you come out here to my house and show me how big of a stupid motherfucker I am, pussy?!" (re: Duncan: "You stupid motherfucker!")
  • "Nobody's called ya at six 'o clock in the morning!" ((re: Duncan: "I don't have to hide behind a goddamn telephone to aggravate people at seven 'o clock in the morning.")
  • "Oh, really?! What the fuck are you doin' now, you fuckin' pussy bitch?!" (re: Duncan: "I don't make strange phone calls, either.")
  • "This ain't a goddamn business phone! You do this every goddamn day, you fuckin' prick motherfucker!" (re: Duncan: "This is a business phone, get off of it!")
  • "Why don't you come fuckin' prove it?!?!"
  • "Nobody fuckin' called you, PUNK! You just called me, BITCH!"
  • "Looks who's hidin' behind a fuckin' phone! You're threatenin' me over a phone, like a fuckin' bitch and you don't even know who I am!!! You punk chicken-shit...child-molestin', queer son of a bitch!!!"
  • "Yeah, you're gonna think, 'fuck you'...especially when I give your name Frank Garrett to the fuckin' cops, you piece of shit! Because you're being taped, motherfucker!"
  • "I'll play it for the cops and remember: you just gave your name on it, you dumb son of a bitch."
  • "Come meet me and I'll show you how big of a bitch I am, you son of a bitch and cock-suckin' motherfucker!"
  • "Why don't you come out here so I CAN fuck you?! I'm gonna bend you over and shove a ball bat up your ass, you child molestin' son of a bitch!!!"
  • "Yeah, you got me figured out...I got you figured out, too! Thank you, you been on the line for a minute now. Now I've got you traced, I'm callin' the cops. Bye, you son of a bitch!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2008 Duncan calls a Redneck Teen and More PranksAndThat Redneck Team Original call. [1]
November 3, 2008 Redneck Teen Rampage + More Elelisrael [3]
January 1, 2009 Prank Call Rampage On Harlem Elelisrael Male victim [4]
August 31, 2009 Redneck Teen and Lunatic Redneck team up against smartass guy Elelisrael Male victim [5]
September 6, 2009 Random Georgia Redneck Gets Assaulted Elelisrael Male victim [6]
June 29, 2010 Redneck Teen pursues a career in civil engineering 8DuncanConstruction8 Female victim [7]
August 10, 2013 RIck Astley Calls Indian Scammers + Moar BB Clone Callsh Billybob James Various [8]


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